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Monday, February 5th 2018

12:24 AM

Wild Tarantula

A couch covered in a metallic gold paint, sprawls flat and wide alongside the walls of a redone basement. It has pillows on it which are covered in chainmail and rectangular shaped. The wall is painted a creamy coppery white tone. There is a table built into the wall that is slim. It sits across the top of the couch. The board is copper painted wood. On this lays a few books, green and silver tones. Then, at the top is a red painted vase shaped basket with tiny holes in the design.

My feet are in the air and I have on white socks and black silk pajama pants. My head is resting in the arm of the couch but, I can feel how my feet are entwined with another person with a male energy on the other side. I do not see this person. It does not seem to be someone that I know.

As I start to peek open my eyes I sit silently in fear as I see a tarantula's leg wiggling out slowly from the holes in the basket. The bottoms of its feet are dipped in gold and a bright red color patterns in between a tone of deep brown. I can smell forest everywhere in my dream like wet pine and Earth mixed with cedar when it emerges.

I study for a moment and then I start to lightly kick my partner. I don't wake him up too much but, just enough for him to start becoming aware. By then, the spider has completely escaped and it is very large. Its body is chocolate colored.It is at least a foot wide and tall. It is so beautiful and powerful and we stare at each other until it backs away and disappears into the house somewhere.

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Monday, January 29th 2018

12:32 AM

Unbreakable Plates

A restaurant sits on a busy street. Loud noises of a bustling day surface from the area. People are chatting, voices mumbling over one another and servers are taking orders down. From outside, I can hear many footsteps pass by and dishes clanging together. I enter the doorway, which is painted a cobalt hue and make my way towards the back area. There are black iron tables everywhere. A single red rose sits in a crystal vase on each altar, along with a white candlestick, dripping down from old wine bottles.

Stepping through this part of the room, I find myself in the kitchen. There are two people back here. One is a woman and one is a man. They are both dressed in white shirts and black pants, with a rag in the back of each pocket. They both are wearing blue and white vertically striped aprons. The woman has long curly brown hair with green eyes and the man has dark hair and eyes. They are laughing hysterically.

No one seems to notice my presence in the room, so I assume that I am unseen. I stand in front of a wall, which has white paint with black font all over it. All of a sudden, a white plate with beige circular stripes comes rushing at my face. They are throwing the dishes into the wall and then becoming joyously amused because they are not breaking. I move past them and stack up the magical dining sets into a big burlap sack and then go towards the bathroom.

The bathroom is past the kitchen and through a hallway, which is carpeted and painted beige. There is a floral painting on the wall, of dark earthy colors. I make my way inside the restroom, where all of a sudden I can hear more commotion outside. I am washing my hands in a metal sink, looking in a mirror when I hear policeman bustling by, saying they are looking for me.

I am surprised because it seemed like no one knew who I was, yet here they come, apparently with a warrant for my arrest.I am getting very anxious in the bathroom and I place the bag of dishes behind the toilet and sit and wait to listen until they go past into the kitchen. As soon as I hear this, I make my way to the back exit and leave.

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Monday, January 22nd 2018

1:37 PM

Agate Castle

My feet hit the sidewalk, which is gray stone. It is an ancient, yet grand design. It swirls in circular patterns all over the ground. My shoes are black boots, with a silver heart shaped buckle by the ankle. It straps across the heel, which is flat and short with a good grip.

The sunshine is gently warming me on my skin. My shoulders are exposed, yet everything else is covered with a large and heavy type of cream colored trench coat. It has black straps tying in my waist. The straps are all wound around my body like a mummy would be made up with bandages. It is exceptionally designed with diamond jeweled buttons on the sleeves and back.

My beautiful black Pekingese Hannah is in my arms. She is all cuddled up to me and making contentment noises and snorting quietly. We go towards a wall, which is made of a swirly cobalt blue agate. There are holes carved out, like windows with crystals on them and silver candle trees inside each one. They are lit. The flame is golden. They span across every few feet.

As I am following this path, I am coming to realize that I am actually walking the perimeters of a small castle made of agate. The outside walls are tall, with square shapes, so I step back to understand the design further. As I do so, I realize that there is a goddess sitting on top of the place. She is very tall, probably like twenty feet high. She looks in her fifties yet, she has a presence that she is thousands of years old. She has brown eyes and hair, which cascade past the throne at which she is sitting. Her skin is porcelain. She wears a black silver metal gown, which does not shimmer in the lighting. Her shoulders have black spikes growing from the fabric.

I become afraid, so I hover back and start to brush my dog's hair to make sure we are both looking perfect. I gather the confidence I had originally and go backwards from the walls to look at her again. She is hovering in the sky in a silver throne. She has the sun right above her head. Her countenance is intimidating as it is no emotion that I have ever known, only one in which a goddess could realize.

She does not speak or make any human type of attempt towards communication. Yet I can feel the sunlight on me and my Pekingese filled with a spiritual blessing. I am filled with love and dedication. I rise up feeling inspired and renewed. I am grateful for the life I am given and continue on my journey.

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Tuesday, January 16th 2018

5:16 PM

Marble Room

Cleaning supplies in hand, I scrub the floors with a soapy sponge. They are spectacular and smooth. The color is a gorgeous creamy white that shimmers with flakes of black glitter, which are engrained into grey stripes in the marble. The stripes are painted large like imperfect and original shapes of a single line placed by a painter.

Even the walls are made with this material. It is in every single room of the place. There is long and tall arches covering all the doorways, with a wide mouth and no way to close it. Everything is impeccably clean. I see in the corner a statue of the same marble on a small table of the same exact stuff as well. It is of a naked male, muscular like of Greek antiquity.

Although I am the one washing the place, it seems like it's also my home. I invite guests over and they stare at everything as if it's a museum which they are seeing. The people are wearing black suits and white ties and undershirts. The ties are made of silk and other expensive materials! Some of them are also wearing many diamonds on their sleeves and watches. No females come in.

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Monday, January 15th 2018

12:49 PM

Dancing with Nature

A very large oak tree reaches down with its branches to pick me off of the ground. It is windy so, the movement is disguised in the wind. I jump into the air like I am dancing and fall to the ground on my feet again. My body guides me to weave to and fro as the other branches lean over and touch me around the waist, also pushing me forward.

When I start to glide so fast that I cannot slow my movements, I realize that I have hopped onto my lavender colored bike that I also own in the waking world. With each movement, I go faster and faster. Then, I ride all the way to the end of the street.

When I come back by the tree, I do start to slow down because there is kids playing with all kinds of toys on the road and sidewalk. I do not want to hit them as I move past in close proximity.Yet, I continue to dance with nature in sheer joy.

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Sunday, January 14th 2018

8:34 PM

White Eucalyptus

The city I live in is called Elk Grove. There is a bunch of eucalyptus by the wetlands. They are green and blue colored. The leaves are shimmery in the sunlight when the dew settles on them.

So, as I am walking through my home in this reality, I notice there is one that is with white leaves. It has no bugs on it, no bites and no marks. It is pure and uscathed. The light twinkles through the treetops to touch it's surface. It glows with a gorgeous energy that radiates to connect with my soul.

The tree is right by the road and so there is alot of traffic. I hear the cars and snap back to realize all the other details. I have something on my back, which I reach behind myself to grab onto.

The object is a crystal clear skull water bottle, which is connected to a strap behind me. I drink out of it and also push the essence of the tree into it. It tastes so lovely and I remember thinking that I am drinking mana of the spirit.

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Tuesday, January 9th 2018

12:53 PM

White Cobra

As I lay in my bed, I can feel something moving around recklessly under the blankets, by my feet. It feels as though it is as tall as I am, maybe taller if it is laying straight. It slithers up against my body and I can feel the skin touching against mine. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a serpent.

The lucid dream state which I am in is more solid on the physical realm. I am in my actual bedroom, laying there when I am feeling these things. I know immediately this is something that has come from the dream world and so I try hard to remember what was just happening. I don't think of the dream I was having.

However, I still see the blankets moving and I start to panic and wake up. The creature is now in the waking world and I toss the covers to the left side of me. I am shouting because I am so confused. Out comes a white cobra with sky blue eyes. It stands very tall above me but, disappears as my husband opens the door, curious about all the strange noises.

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Thursday, January 4th 2018

1:12 PM

Moving to LA

All of a sudden I am informed by my husband that we will be moving to LA. He says that I have to go first because he has to finish out his work at Sacramento. So, I go and I stay at a house that has a couple reality stars living there.

The reality stars are Jax Taylor and his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright from Vanderpump Rules on Bravo T.V. The house is so big and there is three long hallways and a connector one, making a rectangular shape of the whole layout by the front door. There are showers everywhere, refrigerators and many boxes. There is so much clutter in the rooms.

After I take a shower and get dressed, I walk down the long house, which is in all white tiles everywhere and keep getting lost. Brittany sees me and she will not speak but, I tell her my father's side of the family is from Kentucky but, I have never been there myself to see it.

When I go outside, I run into a lot of traffic. There is a woman with a baby in a backpack, squished up next to her chest. She says that she is injured and shows me her arms. One hand is missing and the other is holding a baby. She asks if my headlights on my car work and I say yes they do and she said can I please give her a ride. I am hesitant because there's so much traffic and I am scared of it but, I oblige.

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Sunday, December 17th 2017

10:50 AM

Holy Water on the Piano

My sister Abigail and I are sitting in the church. The front row is empty. There are people all together standing in the middle rows. The chairs are plastic and white. They shine from the glare of the intense lighting in the room.

There's a band on stage playing music but, they look like robots, the way they are moving about, so emotionless. The notes are flat and terrible, which in turn causes the audience to be just as off-key. They look like they don't even want to be there.

I keep changing seats. Abby refuses to keep following me and she leaves the sanctuary to go with some woman she just met. Abby has long flowing black hair and the woman is plump with orange curly hair. They are both dressed in light colored sweaters.

I finally find an empty place over by the pastor. He is bald, except for some grey hair, shortly cut on the sides of his head. He has circular silver rimmed glasses. He looks a bit uncomfortable by me but, I start singing jingle bells and his tone starts to become better as it matches the sound of my voice. It begins to liven up the place.

I go to the back of the church and sit at a black electric piano, which has the cord to the power outlet clearly showing. It is sitting next to a table which has a clear crystal bowl of water on it, soaking up the rays of the sun, which are coming through the stained glass window gently.

I soak my hands in the water and then I touch the keys to the piano, without any concern whatsoever about the dangers of electric shock. I keep repeating this action over and over and the church people just continue on smiling and singing. The music is making me feel better.

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Friday, December 15th 2017

12:13 AM

Airplane in the Jungle

There is a small sized airplane, sitting high atop a wooden ladder, made of tree branches. It does not appear to be very sturdy but, it is earthy and beautiful. It is tall and I must climb it, to board the airplane. I do so with hesitation but, I am away from civilization and want to return home.

A man with a dark appearance, comes from the jungle. He has a wide smile on his face. I can hear exotic birds making noises and also the sound of a few other people boarding. The person helps us all get into our seats. He guides us onboard with ambition. His attitude is positive and cheery.

It features just enough room for about twenty people, although only a few show up. The worker who has helped us into the plane, folds up the ladder and comes to fly it now. He puts on a pilots hat and smiles at us. He dresses in a dark navy blue color. His uniform is crisp and ironed perfectly.

The plane shakes as it unsteadily begins to start up. It is very frightening and I feel uneasy. I sit towards the back of the plane, on the right side and I am trembling as I watch out the window. The seats are grey and humble.

The plane rises slowly, straight up, instead of going forward. It is strange and peculiar but, the driver seems to find it exciting, as he wobbles a stick device, towards the front. There is no wall separating us. It seems as though the engine does not have enough power to start up fast.

We fly above the trees, covered in vines and animals run to and fro, away from the loud noises that we are making. There is an ocean on the right side. It is massive and unpopulated. I feel so insecure and vulnerable, left in the wild, alone. I am hoping that we can make it safely towards our destination, as I feel small and scared.

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Wednesday, November 29th 2017

10:43 AM

Computer From The Future

There is a man in his late twenties. He has a black keyboard from a computer in his hand. It has strange symbols on it but, also ones that I recognize, such as the english language. The front of the item has a projector, which can make the screen appear anywhere.

He is in a house, standing outside the room of a blonde female, who is very concerned. The space she is in is painted a powder blue and everything looks new. She sits in front of a giant black monitor but, her bed is also against the wall to the right of her.

She starts saying to him that she is concerned about the fact that he took the computer to someone to fix a virus. He tells her that it will be ok but, she is furious because she claims it is a device from the future and he could get them in alot of trouble. He doesn't seem very concerned, only nonchalant about this.

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Wednesday, November 29th 2017

10:26 AM

Playing A Piano Song

There is a room with white walls and a brown carpet. It is a room that is a bit older and used but, not awful. To the right of me is a square window without blinds and the sunlight is bathing me in its essence.

In front of me is a black piano with white keys. I keep playing a melody and harmony at the same exact time. I remember hitting the keys over and over again and if I had a piano in the waking world I could play the song. It was repetitive notes that I kept on hearing.

The music is a beautiful tone that sets a melancholy mood. I can hear a bird chirping outside in key. It sums up my feelings on life and death with eternal grace. I remember that I was trying to write lyrics to it.

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Saturday, October 28th 2017

12:44 PM

Stealing a Yellow Crab

A tan and spacious classroom sits out before me. It has rows of desks in rising levels, in a half moon shape, facing towards a blackboard. It has to the left, an aquarium filled with yellow crabs, in a serene environment with rocks, sand and rushing water. The water running over the habitat sounds wonderful.

I find myself sitting at a desk, in a plastic chair. It is odd because the longer that I dream, the more the room keeps changing shape. Once the teacher enters the room, it becomes all the tables on three rows facing a different direction, where the walls are right in front of our eyes.

Now in this time, they change from man to woman over several seconds and then back again. Always though, they are wearing glasses. They put their hands up to help explain what they are saying. It is always a gentle and fluid movement.

Next to me is a man with dark hair and black glasses who is helping me try to find the pages in a royal blue textbook. I suddenly realize that I don't even have the right book. Then, I find a piece of paper in black and white that says I have insufficient funds for January and so on, to attend school.

I grab a black sweater and I leave the classroom to go and find another place to sit and think. I see my friend in this hallway; she is saying she wants to hang out. She is younger by probably five years, with long dark hair but, a very cheerful and friendly disposition.

As we are sitting in the backseat of an SUV with a young girl that is her sister, she motions me silently to look towards her. She has a dark blue hoodie up over her pale face. She smiles real big and I notice a small yellow crab making its way from behind her head. It pinches her lip lightly.

I immediately freak out and say she should give it back to the school. Whoever the male driver is, he appears to be the same look as the guy I was sitting next to in class. He turns around in acknowledgment with one look.

I calm down after I let my emotions subside. I ask her does she plan to hurt it and she said no she will bring it back tomorrow. I told her I won't be in class then anymore. She looked analytical and empathetic.

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Thursday, October 19th 2017

11:38 AM

In Salem Again

I am in a vehicle, sitting in the passenger's seat. It is mid-morning outside and the roads are gently passing by. The asphalt looks blue and grey, with freshly painted white markings on the ground, separating the two opposing sides.

I have my seat laid back to a slight angle and I am wearing my favorite pair of heeled black boots, which now has thorn marks on them from walking through bushes at Ipswich on Castle Hill. They are tied up in a bow.

The driver, who remains unseen, repeats in many symbols and visions onto me, (such as a black font and white sign which reads "The Old Salem"). I see this several times so; it imprints itself into my memory.

We pull up to a house and by the time which we get there, I see it is fast becoming dark already. It is a Victorian mansion, painted Earth brown with black trim about its perimeters. It is beautiful and magnificent.

I step out of the blue truck, which I can see clearer now, onto the pavement. I can feel the sun on my skin but, it feels cold because of the slight breeze, which is flowing gracefully through. I admire the rocky plateau which extends from the depths of an abyss in a circular design about the property.

I open the house with a skeleton key and then I walk up the stairs past a hallway made of wood. I can hear my steps on the floor moving towards a far place. I have a burgundy coat in my hands.

I reach the back of the structure and I retire into the bedroom. There is a small candelabra lit up in the corner, on a desk. It is an electric design, with three bulbs. It's the only soft glow in the room. It burns a reddish orange.

I turn it off and take off all of my clothes and lay in the bed. It has a golden wooden carved spiral headboard, to match with the rest of the opulence around. It has black silk sheets and blankets with red marks in the bed, so much like as if someone had died here before. It is a vision though because when I go to really look at the stain, it is gone and I fall fast asleep.

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Wednesday, October 4th 2017

6:01 PM

A Hall of Water Globes

A very large building lay out before me in an endless echo, like reflections of a thousand mirrors. There are gigantic black painted wooden shelves, which stretch out for miles, horizontally and vertically. The ceiling cannot be seen.

Along each direction of this structure, is hundreds of thousands of water globes. All of them have black painted wooden bottoms, a clear glass around a small amount of multi colored glitters and variations of sculptures inside. It is a haunting scene of wonderment and cheer.

A lady ghost greets me at the beginning of these passageways. She reminds me of the lady that used to watch over me at a daycare in Lincoln, CA. She has short black hair and is in her fifties. She is cherubic in the face and mind. She leads me through.

We pass many different items, yet they are all the same shape and stature on the outside. We stop after a brief walk at the third to the bottom shelf. She hands me one with a toucan in it. Then, we move along up the next set of pieces and she stops to hand me one from a bit higher. It has a tree frog inside of it.

"Oh, so we are sticking to a rainforest theme." I say this to her, as she keeps walking on, almost transparent into endless walls and airwaves. She never answers me but, her body language speaks that she is listening. She goes on, with her back towards me and we continue. Her gait is slow and faltered, as she has a slight limp in one knee.

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Monday, October 2nd 2017

1:29 PM

A Large Concert

I am in a dimly lit theatre. It is an indoor dome shape, with thousands of seats. The audience takes up so much of the room that you cannot see all the faces and bodies in the crowd. It gets darker the further back it goes. The figures become inhuman like, towards the end. It all looks as black shadows.

The lights are a burnt orange color and they gently radiate around the stage. I am on the far right, wearing a long red dress. My hair is half up and down. I am holding a microphone in my hand and no instrument.

I come onto the scene and start to sing a song. The microphone reacts to the amp when I walk past it and makes a gentle humming noise. I wince for a minute but, continue to sing. The song is my own and I sing it so soft, it's almost inaudible. Yet, everyone claps at the end. 

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Friday, September 8th 2017

6:36 AM

The Baby Taker

She portrays the Lilith, in her darkness and endeavors. A feminine and shapeless black fog dissolves into a striking similarity of her countenance. Beauty and danger evolve into a sticky tar, which spreads into my dreams. I can't escape the grasp of a nightmare's Queen.

I am frozen in fear as this energy rips a newborn baby from my arms. The baby is crying, as it was just lying in bed sleeping beside me, when it occurred. It is covered in a pale pink felt like blanket. This is odd, considering I have no daughter. Yet, in the moment, it makes sense.

I take out my arms in a wide hold around the substance and two arms start to show. The blob shapes hands, which lay upon the infant as we fight for its well-being. A form of long wild hair begins to fall down as it becomes frenzied. I would not let go. 

It speaks in a coarse woman's voice, saying: "Try to scream, I bet that you can't." So, I do but, my voice is not working. My body is becoming paralyzed as well in horror. I try to fling myself towards the wall but, I am no longer functioning. Instead, I focus all my brainpower to release the endorphins I need to win and make one final swing towards it's essence. I am successful as I gain the target into my possession. 

As soon as I win in the match against this avenger, I notice that it speeds off quickly from where it came. It had to be only a few seconds, at an inhuman pace, that it was racing. I wonder where it was going and how it came to be but, I cannot know for certain. 

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Thursday, September 7th 2017

11:17 AM

Male Black Widow

There is a house which is stable, yet vintage. It is made predominantly of wood and plaster. There are arches in the corner of white paint, of curvy swirls, going horizontal. There are small flecks of paint, coming off in patches, yet the structure is strong.

I am on the third floor of the mansion. It has black hardwood floors and large wide bay view windows. The sun is set and only the starlight is pouring into the room. There are no clouds either. It is a mysterious and beautiful disposition. 

There is a group of little girls, sitting around a large pinewood table. It is highly glossed and Christmas decorations sit all about it. There are red burgundy placemats and candelabras scattered here and there. They are made of gold and silver alternating patterns.

These little girls are wearing long cotton dresses, of a thick mixture. They are pleated at the bottom. The fabrics have patterns of heavy winter floral and wood scenes. They have ribbons in their hair and fancy shoes, which glitz and glitter.

I am as a young girl too but, I am across the room on the floor. I wear a deep purple velvet dress with black embroidering swirls on the front. My hair is shoulder length. A huge male black widow spider runs through and I step on it with my right silver shoe. 

It is so large that it is about the length and width of my shoe. There is blood all over, like a human would bleed, not an animal. I grab it off my shoe to throw it out. No one is even paying attention to me. The other girls have fair hair and eyes and the parents are there with them. My parents seem to be missing.

The adults shuffle us out of the room to bedrooms. Mine is by a high window and I can see outside from it. They hook wires and tiny lamps up to our skin because they say that it keeps us young forever. The one lady said that she wouldn't want us growing up. She also explains that I am 76 years old, even though I look small.

As soon as she leaves the area, I take the wires and lights off of my skin. I crawl out of bed to the door and see if I can spot an exit. There are a lot of nurses about the area and they are very busy. They are wearing white nurse's uniforms from the older days. They have short curly bobs and white loafers with tights, as well. 

At this point, I am very sleepy and so in fact, I just walk back to the bed. I look out the window at the vast nothingness and wonder where I could go. I wonder who I could be, could have been and am going to be. I let myself dream.

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Friday, August 25th 2017

12:14 AM

Chain Link Fence

It is so dark that I can barely see but, I can feel. I can sense the sweat on my face and the fresh air. I am outside like at The Great Horror Campout. This is a place where I was a scare actress, as a serial killer and I would frighten people with a baseball bat that liked that sort of thing. 

There was a chain link fence on the one side, to keep the people from going out on the exit, the wrong way. It was like a tunnel, so that they couldn't get lost. It was a mobile one, so you could swing it whatever way you wanted.

Well, I was dreaming that it was set up, all the way to a long stretch, so that I ran all the way to the end and there it was. It went into an alley that was different from the field I was in. So, I jumped up and climbed over it and ran down that street until I saw myself disappear. 

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Saturday, August 19th 2017

4:08 PM

A Murder Mystery

There is a busy street in the daylight that I am walking down. There are people of all ethnicities and religions on the sidewalks. They stop and make small talk with me as I go. They are very kind and thoughtful. 

The area is heavily trafficked and there is many trees looming overhead. They are of many different varieties, such as cherry, apple and pine, much like where I live in Elk Grove, CA. It brings the birds about, chirping loudly as I go. 

A detective with a pale face and huge muscles begins to walk fast from behind me. It scares me at first because he seems as a random person. He is in all black and he is making an extra effort to catch up to me. He grabs my shoulder and shows me an F.B.I. badge so, I stop and talk to him.

He asks me all sorts of questions about a man that was murdered. I had never heard of or seen this person before so, I was quite perplexed as he seemed to be so sure that I had known him. I politely answer all of his questions and he still seems very sure that I am a part of some murder plot which disturbs me very deeply.

He can't arrest me or anything so he says farewell to me and I keep walking on. A large city bus passes by and the people inside all look out at me, as I am a source of entertainment from where they are standing. They look at me in wonderment and curiosity.

I walk underneath of an olive tree and I look up and admire the beauty. It is very lush and green and brings so much joy to my mind. I reach up, as high as possible and break a large piece of its branch off and smell it and carry it with me, as I turn around to walk back the direction that I came.

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Saturday, August 19th 2017

3:20 PM

Playing the Piano

I am at a very grand piano and I am playing the notes on it. It is a classic one with a black gloss and ivory keys. The piano bench matches the musical instrument. I sit upon it in casual clothes, blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

I am just playing it as if I am a master and the notes are coming out of me perfectly. I am playing with both hands and singing as well about a beautiful place that has a never ending ocean and mountains. Everything comes out in an enchanting melody. 

In the end of the song, I hit one final key on the left side and I fade out slowly as if I am a spirit, watching myself. It is angelic and mesmerizing and fills me with great peace. It is as if I was never as happy as this. 

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Wednesday, August 16th 2017

3:03 PM

Turning Her Back

There is an office space in a building with florescent lighting. The air is stale and hot. There is tan metal furniture about everywhere. I go over to a cluttered desk because I see my father, wearing a bright red shirt and blue jeans, just standing there.

He pulls a picture off of the wall that the desk is pushed against. It has many framed documents and photos. He shows me the picture, which is of my step mother's back and she is sitting, covered in a sky blue drape around her bottom half and looking to the left. He doesn't say a word.

In my mind, I can feel the sense that it means that she is going to turn her back on me but, I cannot be sure. He places the picture back on the wall and then he sits in the desk chair, folds his hands in his lap and just stares. He has an air of decisiveness about him.

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Tuesday, August 15th 2017

1:42 AM

Travis Barker

There is a house that is painted with white paint all over the rooms. The spaces are small and short. The air feels cool and crisp, as if there is cement and poor circulation. The moisture in the air rots some parts of the paint on the walls.

I find myself inside of a bedroom. There is a short carpet, which is cool to the touch of my bare feet. It is gray in color and smells very fresh. I go to the closet and open the sliding doors, as Travis Barker enters the room.

He is wearing a black t-shirt with grey words on it, in a square format. He has on navy jeans with a chain on the side of his pants. He has short dark hair and it is laid back with gel. He goes into the room with confidence and goes toward the closet.

He pulls out band posters and all of my old Blink-182 memorabilia and hands it to me. He says that it is very cool. He grabs some push pins and makes a smiling face design with x's as eyes and pins it on the wall and then he leaves.

It is a bittersweet meeting, as their music means so much to me and it always will. He represents my youth and love for music. This is part of the reason that I was inspired to play guitar. They are my idols forever.

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Friday, August 11th 2017

3:06 AM

Painting Walls

I find myself wearing all white jumpsuit uniform, of a heavy cotton, collared neck piece and black heavy duty boots. My hair is long and untied, brunette and straight. I am standing next to a man with brown hair and a long beard. He wears black square framed glasses, a plaid shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers.

I point to the small space around us. There are cutout boxes in the wall. They resemble built in furniture, maybe shelves, for placing trinkets or decor. I have plastic shielded over most of the room but, the pieces which are uncovered are easy to tell apart.

The paint of most the space is pure white but, within the cubicles is paint of every color that can be imagined. Each stroke is made wide and short, in no particular order or logic. There is a brown yellow on top of brown and blue over the red, creating a purple which blends into black and more, suggesting another dimension exists.

We sit back and stare at the cubicles in wonderment and meditate on the vision before us. We speak about placing silver metal sculptures around this, but we really are not sure. We also talk of getting fresh pink flowers, to fill up the voids. We sit in silence for a bit.

The other man turns around to leave and waves goodbye in a generous manner. I turn back around to the spaces and grab a paintbrush with a cobalt blue handle and place it in a palette of other colors. I keep on in this manner, painting lines in another space. It is a relaxing trance I fall into which heals me spiritually, yet it does not mean anything in order or reason. 

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Tuesday, August 1st 2017

2:55 PM

Military Procedures

It is a dark night and I am in camo pants and a black tank top. My hair is in a long ponytail, even though that's against the dress code. I am walking around the perimeters of the abandoned house. It appears to be from modern times. The outside is painted a pale blue and the lawn is moist, crisp and fresh. There is a small amount of light from the outside porch.

There are other people there with me. They are younger and male. They are on other sides of the building as well, looking around the corners, holding black pistol guns. They look at me and that is my cue to start walking towards the target. So, I advance on slowly.

The target is a ghost in a brown uniform with a forest green shirt and a beret hat on his head. He looks like he is virtual, because he is glitching as a screen would. He stands by a machine that is like a huge water bubble with an alarm with digits on the front of it. It is massive and impressive.

He wanders away by floating as he doesn't seem to be noticing us. So, we approach the machine and we push the buttons and the water inside begins to move around and the numbers change and make electrical sparks. I can see dates and times flickering on the machine and that's the last thing I can remember.

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