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Wednesday, June 19th 2019

12:32 PM

Dragons in the Classroom

On top of a green hill, sits a fancy old school house. It is large enough to hold three separate classrooms. The furniture inside is very beautiful and ornately carved. It is made of varying types of wood, polished and made into spirals and intricate geometric designs.

I don't want to be there because as I look around, it is all young people like when you go to college and I remember telling everyone that I had already attended two colleges and I wanted to leave as soon as they told us the areas of study. The subjects we were in there to learn were Government, History and Mathematics.

I walk forward towards the teacher. His desk is made of a cedar wood. It faces this huge window, which looks out onto the hill. He sits beneath a green dragon head and I get so excited that I fall down and squeal beneath it.

Everyone says to get up and look out the window. There is a silver dragon breathing fire outside and it's magnificent. I seem to be the most passionate about it and some people inside are even sleeping.

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Thursday, June 13th 2019

10:01 AM

Unexpected Changes

A small counter made of brown marble sits in the front of an office. The plastic surgeon is there with the receptionist. They bring me back to a room with a chair covered in paper. They leave the room for a moment.

I notice that I am sitting next to Paris Hilton and she is holding my hand. For some reason, I tell her that I am on 90 Day Fiance, which is a reality t.v. show of which I am not on. She just keeps on smiling at me.

The doctor and nurse come back and ask me what I want to have done. I literally cannot think of anything so they suggest that I get botox or some kind of shot in my ass. So, I agree to do that!

I can see the doctor putting it in my but and I can feel the needle stinging. The last shot makes my butt cheek start having spasms and I try hard to relax. I get dressed and go to pay for the process, which ends up being $700.

I charge it to credit and then I go outside and there is a patio with wooden furniture and smoking stations. The sun is setting and I look down towards the field which spans outwards.

I notice a one billion dollar bill on the ground and I can't believe it. It has gold foil lettering and underneath it is another bill, which I don't take the time to study because I put it in my pocket quickly and leave.

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Monday, June 3rd 2019

1:23 PM

Two Black Cats

The room is super dark, but I can tell it is a comfortable bedroom. The carpet is blue and low, there is an emerald green chair, which reminds me of a couch we had growing up. I am sitting on the floor nearby.

I am doing live readings on my facebook page like I always do and I keep pulling tarot cards for people. The ones that I pull all have a Halloween theme. I am reading the people that come most often to my page.

The last card I pull really resonates deeply with me. It is a green background that has smaller intricate designs to resemble vines and the Earth. The front is two black cats with green eyes.

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Saturday, June 1st 2019

12:09 AM

Carnivorous Plant

There is a stream that goes off into many shallow forks. A deeply forested place is nearby, where vines hang low and I can hear birds making loud sharp noises. Within my hand is a venus fly trap.

I go to plant it in the water and I discover that there is four toad tadpoles in the roots. I am concerned and then I realize that they are there so that the plant can eat them.

When I stick the plant in the ground, the tadpoles pop out and start reproducing. The plant eats several of them and continues to grow even bigger.

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Thursday, May 30th 2019

3:22 PM

Coming Full Circle

My backyard seems a bit bigger than it is in real life. There is a full circle of chairs made of black metal and white cushions. There are some people that sit there, but they get up and leave because it's not filled up all the way.

Some other people are in a pond spa that is very small, but deep. It is in an irregular rectangle shape and has jets inside of it. I go sit in it with them and then I get out and have some alcohol and go to the circle.

It is dark outside and they start to go out the door like they are going home. Even after they leave, I find myself repeatedly going into the spa and then the circle and I can see the living ghosts from where they were.

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Monday, May 27th 2019

11:55 AM

No Mic

So, I find myself in a small apartment with dark hardwood floors and dim lighting. I am there all alone, except for all the ghosts. They appear as thick as people to me.

The first situation is in the bedroom. The bed is covered with a large royal blue comforter. A boy with blonde hair comes out of the walls, wearing a large white collared shirt. He says this is his home and wanders around and I chase him and say no, it isn't.

The next ghost is a man with dark hair who tries to frighten me by jumping behind the closet door, by my pekingese dog. He walks away disappointed when I show no reaction.

There is a cd player in the living room that is silver and I start playing cds on it. I figure out that I know the words to the songs so I take out the microphone cord to sing to it, but the mic is gone.

Over a large window are white curtains, which a black shadow comes out and moves around and as I try to take a picture my phone freezes up. When I go to get my camera, it gets knocked over.

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Monday, May 20th 2019

12:43 PM

Werewolf Lockdown

A huge white metal fence surrounds a large piece of land. There is barbed wire on the top with pieces of clothing and thread all about. The moon is low and their is a deep silence all about us.

I go in through the front gate with an ID card, like you have at certain jobs when you check into the place. The gates open and red lights start going off nearby on a guard's tower.

I walk past beautiful lawns, a cemetery, a church, a water fountain on a stone path, lit by yellow solar lights in the shape of round spheres. I see a fast shadow dart with the corner of my right eye and move fast.

I am wearing red and black plaid shirt with long sleeves and black skinny jeans and boots to my knee. As soon as I get to the entrance of what looks like a hospital, I use my card and doctors in white coats quickly pull me inside.

They tell me that my room has changed. So, they guide me to a secured room with white flooring and walls and one big window over an office door, looking into the hospital hallway.

I look all over the room and I have books, a mirror, a few collectibles and clothes. My dresser is in the middle of the floor. It is small and light pink, lots of trinkets and jewelry fall out.

I am startled as I see a huge brown werewolf run by the hallway and he is still in his blue jeans. To the right of mine, is another room and I can hear strange thumps and bumps coming from here.

I think the werewolf that got loose ate the security person by the door because they all suddenly unlocked. I wait behind my door until I hear more run out. I go explore the neighbors rooms and they look like belongings a man would have.

One loose werewolf comes up from behind me and I sneak out to the side, wait till it passes and then follows where it is going! We get out of the hallway to exit doors and I see a pool to the side where a werewolf is trying to give a human-like werewolf life, but he is crushing his bones like he is trying to start his heart and yelling "Sticks and stones may break my bones," and also "five, six better pick up sticks"

I go backwards and then a doctor comes and quickly locks me back in my room. There, all the werewolves return the next day and then I start to transform. The first thought in my head is thinking about the morgue.

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Sunday, May 19th 2019

11:21 PM

Flying on a Private Airplane

I am in the sky with a group of other women who are very finely dressed. There are windows everywhere and I can see blue skies laid out in front of us, with soft white fluffy clouds around. 

The room on the airplane is tremendous and all the floors are made of wood. There are different cabins and areas that remind me of a very nice rustic hotel. The seats are placed around the edges, backs to the windows.

I hear the pilot woman say that we need to gather in room six, as we prepare to land two hours early! We are all surprised and delighted. I pass by Lisa Vanderpump, wealthy business woman, wearing a pink, white and blue skirt suit with classic pearls. She is all alone and just smiles as she watches us wander by.

By the time that I pass her, we have already landed, so that I never make it to the room with everyone else. Instead, I look right in the window behind her and see as we land with great ease. The people crowded in the other room, wonder how we made it so soon.

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Sunday, May 19th 2019

11:17 PM

Two Salamanders

I am two different people and one is facing towards me and the other is away. I look as myself with blonde hair. I notice in both of my self's different hands are salamanders.

One of the salamanders is black with an orange head and the other is black with a yellow one. They are very large and beautiful.

We both set them down right next to a flowing creek and rocks all around and they disappear into the wilderness and go into the water together. The sky turns from day to night.

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Tuesday, May 14th 2019

10:37 AM

Traveling Blues

This dream has got me going from one place to the next very fast. It seems the instant that I think of something, I manifest it and everything else completely disappears. So, first I find myself with my old friend named Nicole and she and I are on a plane to Tokyo, while we wait for someone else to join us, who had purchased the ticket, but never made it on.

We are so worried, but we get off of it without her and go to our location. As soon as I step onto the scene, it all just disappears. Then, I find myself walking with a woman who has dark hair. She is following me around on a road, like the one into Jamestown from Sonora. I am counting the change in my pocket. It isn't more than a dollar in a quarter, nickels and dimes.

She is wearing a feather coat, which is brown save for a few peacock feathers that are popping through the seams. It rests on her shoulders like a varsity jacket, full sleeves and hits the top of her jeans. Her hair is long, black and wavy, like it was done with a crimping iron on a wide setting.

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Sunday, May 12th 2019

2:31 AM

My Pet Turkey

The season is fall because I can see fallen leaves changing colors in the grass. There is a large tree with a white and silver tree trunk, which is cascading up! Underneath the shade is a turkey.

This bird is so clean that his feathers are shining. She wears a large yellow ribbon tied into a bow around her neck. She also wears a black cape, which ties into a collar around the breastbone.

I am doting on this turkey as if it is my child. I even go so far as to bring it around to a gathering with families in the park and lead it around and socialize. People keep on wanting to meet my pet turkey.

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Friday, May 10th 2019

10:46 PM

Fashion Magazine

The air has a musky quality, where pieces of the sunlight reveal it's scent in dust floating by. There are gray clouds and boxes shaping the scene. I see a cashier at a register that looks very old. It is a silver metal one with a black typewriter button scheme and roses engraved around the bottom.

She is dressed like it is the sixties, with curled up brown hair in a shorter hairstyle than most would wear. A green olive cap tips a bit to the right side, reveling the felt that has made lint on the bottom of where it sits. She wears pearl earrings.

The walls and tables are all made of a light wood. It resembles cedar in it's scent and appearance. Lines of clothes hang from black iron rods, all ordered into single outfits with accessories, much like a costume store.

To the right, they are taking pictures up the stairs and by the attic, where a lady beckons me to prepare for the pictures. I realize I am wearing a black beaded dress, like a flapper, with feathers and a black silk robe cascading though my blonde hair.

She takes the pictures and they come out black and white. They are used for a fashion magazine and in it I also wear my sunglasses. I am kneeling on the floor and looking up towards the camera man.

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Monday, May 6th 2019

12:30 AM

The Doctor

There's a waiting room, which resembles more of an airport one instead to me. The carpet is low, flat and plain. The seats are formed together with cream colored leather and metal. Televisions are coming off of the ceiling in black flat screens. The windows are large and open to the outside.

I look around and notice that I am the only one that is sitting and waiting here. To the left of me is a palm leaf plant in a brown porcelain vase that catches my attention for several minutes until a doctor comes into the room to greet me.

He has chocolate milk skin and silver oval glasses. His hair is the same color as his eyes and body. He wears a white coat and is very friendly. He brings me to a back room where there is a hospital bed and I put on a gown.

He is so polite to me and actually comforts me like he cares, which is the opposite of how I am usually treated in a medical setting. He says that he is healing me and a green glowing orb comes out of his hands and he sets it out over my heart. It is such a beautiful and peaceful feeling that I have.

I remember him saying that I had to be treated for three days. So, I stayed at this place until I felt happy, loved and in control again. By the time he leads me back to the waiting room, I don't want to leave.

In the room, there is other people now waiting. I look at the t.v., still not ready to go.I see myself in the screen, acting like I am in an action movie. I am riding a motorcycle with black shiny boots and leather black jacket. I get up and start doing tricks on it, like hopping to the side with my legs.

I go over to the other people waiting and talk to them. The doctor comes out to greet a lady with blonde hair and green eyes. He ignores me and gives me a disapproving look when I try to speak to him again and so I realize it is time to go.

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Saturday, May 4th 2019

8:42 PM

Country Roads

Out in the middle of nowhere, off of a dirt road highway, there is a mobile home. It seems like I am moving in here all alone by myself. It is dark when I enter. No one will come over.

I set up huge fish tanks in the front room with large goldfish. Two of them are empty of fish, but contain clear and still water.There is at least three of them. I have to stop because I hear howling outside from wolves.

I look out into the yard and there are several werewolves running around like crazy. I go out to look because I can't believe in and I get into a fight with one and get bit.

I run inside and fall asleep. The next day I get a bunch of dogs to protect me, but the werewolves still come in the yard. I keep calling people to come over and they wont!

Inside the house, it's haunted and I see a ghost woman walking about. She is old and says her name is Lorraine Warren. She says she is trying to help me.

When I go outside, it is day time and I see silver u.f.o's appearing and disappearing in the skyline. They are in shapes like V's and different formations.

I start to scream at the sky that I know this is some kind of experiment and as I go into the house again there is kittens sleeping on their backs with cut marks like they just had surgery.

The house just keeps filling up with animals and strange creatures like elves. The bite even starts to take over me and I become a dog instead of a wolf.

Finally in the end, I manage to break free by selling the house. I freak out and leave it as fast as possible and drive far far away.

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Friday, May 3rd 2019

1:24 PM

Virtual Mall

My father, sister and I are headed towards a place that we cannot seem to find. We are walking on foot there. We come across Cardi B. the rapper and she is walking around barefoot in the front of her mansion out in the middle of nowhere. There are reeds like you see by the ocean everywhere.

She invites us in, so that we can wash up and stay the night. We take showers and sit on her furniture and have food to eat. She has a drink in her hand. She asks us where we are headed to and we tell her, but I don't yet understand or remember exactly what is said.

I ask to take a picture with her for my memories and than she immediately gets sad and changes her demeanor. When the next day comes, we get ready to leave. I never get the picture and I keep thinking that no one will ever believe me now.

The next place we reach is a final destination. It is the only way to go. There are no other paths and every way out just disappears. We get confused because it's not what we expected.

White crane birds are flying through the sky and over the top of a mall that is built with virtual screens and cyber rooms. There are a lot of workers, but they are not alive, they are fake.

It is like a busy mall with shops that you can buy stuff from and it all looks Asian. We make our way through the shops, feeling empty and we all separate and meet up again by this huge ceiling which has six overhanging t.v.s in a circle, coming out.

No one else is understanding the messages, except for me. They go on to display my father is disappearing from this life and he is like a ghost. They show my sister Abby and there is two bad spirits around her that first appear to mimic angels.

Than, they speak to me and say that I get my psychic gifts from my mother's side of the family. The screens show images of a washing machine spinning and then soap bursting out. They say when something bad comes through it will shake and sound like a washing machine cycling.

When I turn around, only Abby is left here and she is younger than what she was before we started watching the screen and her hair is very blonde. We hold hands.

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Thursday, May 2nd 2019

3:56 PM

My Pet Squirrel

For a few moments I am staring at some weird shoes that are hanging on a copper wall. They are white and they have long ties and a golden blade underneath of them. Finally, I realize that they are ice skating shoes!

So, I put on the shoes and I realize that the ice skating rink is made of ice and gold silk fabric. I begin to skate and then the fabric sways up, like it is caught in the wind and creates a graceful show. The skates actually go over this material with ease.

When I am done, a squirrel comes out of my pocket. I am wearing a white leotard with a fur skirt and gold pockets. The squirrel eats an almond next to my right ear. People come over to see us and they all have happy smiles on their faces.

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Tuesday, April 30th 2019

12:56 PM

Asian Love

I move into an apartment and at first it is pretty bare. There are wooden floors and several clean white walls. It is small as well, with only one bathroom.

A worker comes over and slowly begins building on extra rooms. There ends up being three bathrooms and in one there is plumbing issues, which ends up flooding the outdoor area. So, we decided to turn it into a pond.

We fill up the pond with koi fish and chairs. There are also a lot of opals in the still water beneath the iron bench that I am sitting on. I pick them up one by one and I know each one as kinds that I have been working on doing lapidary.

A beautiful lady comes over in a kimono. She is elegant and says that she owns the apartment building and brings her mother in law over with her. The mother in law is very old and has memory problems because she has an accident on the floor where she goes to the bathroom, but the janitor comes to clean it up. 

Eventually, the whole apartment becomes finely decorated with Asian style treasures, on the walls, tables and everywhere that you can imagine. It becomes very exquisite.

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Friday, April 26th 2019

12:10 PM

Colorful Crystals

There is an airport that is in a very tall building. You can go all the way up to the top and there are planes on rooftops. There are velvet ropes instead of the cheap stretchy ones that they use.

I am standing in line with Perez Hilton and we are standing really close to each other and for some reason, he is holding my black bag, which looks to be made of the same material as a sleeping bag. To the right, I notice a bunch of people standing to a Tokyo portal and I go over there.

There are couches and a table like a fancy waiting room. I go to a glass table which is covered in wood and has a white porcelain fruit bowl with blue designs of Asian symbols on top. People are looking in the fruit bowl because there is all different ID's inside of it.

I push them down and then go towards the corner where there is people pulling colored crystals out of the floor. The floor is carpeted and wood, but they are digging in a hole. The crystals are all different colors and sizes, but all gloriously beautiful.

One of the crystals is so impressive that I pull it aside and plan to make a crown with it. It has blue, green and pink parts to the crystals, all in even proportions. We collect many stones and then I get up to go find Perez and get my ID.

I finally find him in the next room, in front of the one that I had been in. I realize I had my ID the whole time in my front purse pocket, but I go over and speak with him again. I stay next to him and chat some more.

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Thursday, April 25th 2019

1:19 PM

Earth Creatures

Apparently there is a man that I am with, but he is going away to prison for a very long time. I am talking with a lawyer and we are standing in a prison cafeteria of some sort.

I go back home to where I had been staying with him and realize we have several roommates that are in college. They are so strange that one is not even wearing pants.

There is a whole room filled up with aquariums of different reptiles. I take particular notice to two tarantulas. They are hairless, pink with red shading at the deepest connection points.

All of a sudden, the doorbell keeps ringing and a whole bunch of people are coming over that seem carefree, young and wild. So, I go outside and get in the back of a light blue minivan.

I notice there is snow on the ground, but it is melting. I have cranberry boots on with a small heel which I go to put underneath the driver seat, but I freak out as I notice there is a young greenish eastern diamond back rattle snake frozen straight in an ice block. I switch seats.

I want to keep talking about the man in prison, but the driver said there's an earthworm in the van listening to us. I look over and see it nearby, squirming and wiggling.

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Wednesday, April 24th 2019

10:29 AM

Leo Everywhere

I am me, but I am shape shifting into different bodies. They are all female. I have a silver car, which is a few years old and breaking down, so I take it to the mechanic.

He is in a dirty plot of land, with a huge barbed wire fence all around us. He is leaking the oil to change and saying they used the wrong kind last time. He sits on top of a blue square plastic upturned basket.

I am watching him, but then all of a sudden, authority figures that look like police from another country, dressed in blue uniform and black visored hats start to walk in the half opened fence with lions! There is at least forty of them. One has a hyena.

I get nervous because some are not even on leashes and I am intimidated, so I leave out the fence and go across the street, where there is a huge green leafed tree with a gray trunk and I sit under it.

Then I realize that I am actually Jennifer Lawrence, who is a Leo and I am grabbing a hold of a younger woman with dark hair and trying to convince her to love me, but she seems closed off.

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Sunday, April 21st 2019

11:27 AM

I Can Walk On Water

I see the color pink everywhere I look. In the walls, the sky and my clothes. I have a microphone in my hand and I am singing the phrase, "I can walk on water," over and over.

It continues for so long that I can hear a small echoing hum tone when the song is over. I can feel the vibrations resonate in my mind. It cycles so many times that I reach over to my phone to tweet.

On my tweet, the numbers of time say 9:06 and I remember thinking that's how the angels are trying to communicate with me. In this sense, I try to find the importance.

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Sunday, April 21st 2019

10:57 AM

Missing Hi-Pee

He is alive again, my beautiful yellow dog. He is laying in my lap in a dark room, on a bed with a light blue and white comforter and multi color yarn quilt on top.

There is only a small lamp lighting the room. My sister Abby is on the opposite side in a dark tan colored suede recliner.

Hi-Pee appears to be limp, but still a little bit of life is left within him. Abby goes outside the front door to make sure she can deter the grim reaper for as long as possible.

I have silent tears down my face as I hold him. It reminds me of when he was alive and dying and I would just hold him.

Then, I decide that I want to save him and so we go to the vets. I bring Abby, her husband and my husband in a large big red truck, which is lifted. We travel down winding roads until we reach a dark place in the country.

I think that I am going to get medicine to save him for $20 and then when I get there, the vet says, oh that will be $2000 and then I cry because I don't have the amount.

So, he goes into a back private room and brings me a huge, even bigger than me, gorilla stuffed animal. He gives it to me and I put it in the truck and cry all the way.

We decide to stop and get snacks on the way home at this bakery place. I try to order blueberry muffins, but the cashier will not take my order or anyone else's. There is some kind of issue. We are all angry and thirsty and at this point the sun has came up.

We go outside and I turn on the water hose and we all drink from it and flood the grounds with the crystal clear waters.

We get in the truck and start to head back home. It is getting warmer and the light is enchanting. All a sudden we come to a stop.

A giant with brown hair and wearing jeans and flannel stops us. He is looking for hired help. We agree, hoping to save enough money up.

He has us go to the back of a storage center and roll up the carpets and move around furnitures. Then, he asks for a ride somewhere, so we take him along with us.

On the way home, he confesses his love for me and I am grossed out. It's because his mannerisms remind me of a young boy and so it bothers me and repulses me. I remember feeling uncomfortable and waiting for him to leave, which he does eventually.

We end up back at the house at night time again. I go and hold onto my dog for longer and silently cry again.

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Friday, April 19th 2019

10:34 PM

Bad Hair Day

In a dark room, I am trying to fix my hair. I keep trying all different types of hairstyles until I settle on angel wings, a.k.a pig tail braids. My hair is brown in this dream.

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Tuesday, April 16th 2019

12:07 PM

Tattoo Artist

Back when I was a teenager, I had a best friend who I started dating and then he cheated on me multiple times and my self esteem was so low that I stayed with him for years. Since I have grown up, I would contact him time to time, only to be disappointed again.

One thing he told me was that I changed who he was spiritually, because at the time I Was heavily researching the Wicca religion and I would share what I was reading with him. We did have really strong bond and I still consider him a friend.

So, in my dream we are at his house from when I was teen. He has an aquarium with strange large insects. Some of them are yellow and black striped and they walk around like cockroaches, but they are not any bug that I recognize. Than, there is a few huge Madagascar cockroaches.

There is a large thing of red jello in the middle of the tank that they are all devouring at a very fast pace. I am so disgusted when I see them and so he starts to laugh and says that he will release them all into the wild, which he does.

Then, he says that I have to do him a favor and give him black eyeliner tattoo under his eyes, which I do. It seems like a struggle at first, because I am not a tattoo artist, but then I seem to figure it out pretty easy and he is happy.

I start to draw three stars on my left lower arm, on the inside part by my inner elbow and I ask him to tattoo it and he tells me to do it myself, because I don't have confidence like he wants me too. The stars are like hand drawn stars that you do in one line with the crossings through the middle.

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Monday, April 15th 2019

11:48 AM

Werewolves Everywhere

In a two story home with a black iron fence and overgrown weeds lives a group of people. They are strange in the way that they all seem bonded together. There is one man who is very rich who owns the property.

The man has fair hair and light skin. He has brown eyes and wears a blue pinstripe suit with a black walking stick that has a silver wolf on the top. He has a penetrating stare.

I watch him each night from outside of the house. It is a dark colored stone and has a porch in the front, which he frequently has women over and sits and chats with them there.

After he talks with them for a bit, they seem to get a bit uncomfortable. It happens right when the sun is about to go down. It appears that he has known them from somewhere else before he brings them here.

The women start shaking and fall to the ground and he sits there unbothered. He starts yelling at them to get out of there before the sun sets fully because they are going to turn.

Most of the time they run away, but on one particular night I watch her change into a werewolf. He always changes too and then he chases the woman.He goes after them in a very aggressive way.

On the last time, I run into the house after he leaves. There is wooden floors and furniture everywhere, it has a feel like it is from the 1900s or something because of all the strange antiques and art.

There is a tan and white chihuahua inside and it seems happy. I follow it to the bathroom where I am startled by a ghost who is so alive at first I think he is real. He locks me in the bathroom and tries to romance me.

He is older and wears a british style black hat. He wears a gray suit and white shirt. He tells me that he is a librarian. He wont let me out until I listen to him talk about all the werewolves.

I run out of the house as soon as I can and almost get busted by a group of teenagers coming up the road. I take off and I know at least one of them can notice me.

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