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Wednesday, January 15th 2020

11:23 AM

Burning The Candle

I have a white candle from the Temple of Salem in Salem, Massachusetts and I was dreaming that there is a voice that is coming from it speaking that I need to burn in four rooms to represent Earth, Air, Fire & Water.

So, the spirit goes on to show me to walk the candle from the bedroom into the next room, which is the kitchen and living room. The bed I was sleeping in was where Earth started, which makes sense because that's where you materialize your dreams from the night before.

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Saturday, December 28th 2019

11:18 AM

Black Widow

In the corner of the ceiling in my house there is a spider web by a plastic container. I see a shadow flashing really fast and so I look to see what it looks like up close. The spider is a black widow with a really large abdomen and a male because I do not see the hourglass.

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Tuesday, December 17th 2019

10:55 AM

A Seat at the Table

A very long oak wooden table in a rectangular shape sits in the sky. The room is made of clouds and firmament of Heaven. I am sitting towards the end, across from a spiritual brother and there is a girl next to him that insults me and then I say one word and she falls to the Earth.

There is nothing on the table, only people all sitting there that are varying looks and ages. There is absolute emptiness on this altar. It is a place where we come to connect and see what we need to in love.

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Sunday, December 15th 2019

3:07 PM

The End

I am in a car and messing with the radio dial. I get to a station 106.5 that used to be called The End and it keeps saying over again the radio station name and number.

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Monday, November 4th 2019

8:14 PM

A Giant Bat

Lying in bed my dream takes place exactly where I am. I can see a large bat that is flying around the top of my ceiling. He is black with a brown tummy and is going all over the place.

As soon as I realize what it is I become scared for a moment because it flies against the wall and knocks itself out and falls right on top of my head while I am sleeping. It seems like there is a silver cord coming from it too.

I saw this in a lucid dream and it woke me up because it was so vivid that I thought there was really a bat inside of my house. Of course there is no bat in the room when I look.

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Friday, October 25th 2019

10:37 AM

A Very Long Dress

There is a sense of walking around alot in this dream. I have a male presence besides me that doesn't give me the answers, just simply is besides me. It's as if I am trying to figure out something important because I walk into many different rooms and search for items.

The house has many bedrooms, like a bed and breakfast. In some rooms the beds are nicely made and there is peace. In other rooms, there is old furniture, paintings and items in disarray.

A black fabric tunnel peeks out of one room so much that the door cannot close. It appears to be a tunnel. So, I walk in there to find that there is a massive black gown with this lace and silk fabric taking over the whole room.

While I look at it the fabric comes alive into a long black sky dragon which wraps itself all over me completely. I can feel it constricting all over my body. It seems to find a comfortable spot on me and then turns back into the strapless black dress.

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Tuesday, October 22nd 2019

2:54 PM

Holding Her Baby

My sister Abby and I are at a soccer game at the park. The grass is very green and she is dressed up in a pink silk dress holding a baby, also dressed in light pink in her arms. She says she has to go somewhere and then hands the child to me.

I walk around the borders of the game holding her and Abby walks off to the other end of the field to go run an errand. I remember that I was thinking that she was taking so long to come back, but the baby never cried.

At the end of the dream, she comes back and I hand her the baby and she smiles like she is happy. She looks older though, by at least 20 years or more. She has a spirit about her which reminds me of my grandmother.

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Sunday, October 20th 2019

2:46 PM

Faded Yellow

A large group of people dressed in ghost hunting clothes are upstairs of an older building. The walls are made of brittle wood which caves in some places. The paint on them is a faded yellow that covers the whole entire space.

I am leaning over a green carpet looking at some rubble that is on the ground. There seems to be piles of stones lined up everywhere. I have a head lamp on and as soon as I go to inspect something further, a dark shadow jumps across in front of me. I watch it run and disappear.

When I woke up from this dream, I went to go turn the lights on in my bedroom because I saw the darkness there, but it shorted out. Then I kept getting a message in my head about the devil being in the details.

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Monday, October 7th 2019

8:25 PM

Holding Hands

There is a portal in space and time which looks like a doorway of light. I step into the space and it is a room covered in light only. There are no walls, furniture or windows anywhere.

A dark silhouette of a man walks out of the area to greet me. He does not speak, he only reaches out his hand to hold mine and we walk together. Although he is a shadow, I can feel the warmth of his body as we step back to the world.

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Saturday, September 14th 2019

10:58 PM

Sleeping with a Bear

The sun feels warm and nurturing on my skin. I sense very clear and fresh air. Birds are chirping gracefully in the trees of a forest.

A big brown bear comes towards me standing on two feet like a man. It is happy and comfortable as it walks towards me with open arms.

He hugs me and then I go to my house and go to sleep in a daybed. The mattress covers are forest green. We sleep together and its peaceful, but at the back of my mind I wonder if he will always be.

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Sunday, September 8th 2019

8:59 PM

Lost Tarantula

My red knee tarantula is playing in the house in my dream and then it gets away and runs very fast. I panic and try to figure out where it is. I search in the home, but can't seem to find it in my panic.

I go outside and drive all over this town that is dark and silent. No noises are heard except nature sounds. It loos like a small location.

I give up and go home, disappointed. As soon as I get ready to lay in bed Lava comes out from under my bed. She is acting tame and then I put her back to her cage and go to sleep.

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Wednesday, September 4th 2019

8:05 PM

Silver Fish

I am swimming in very dark and deep water. It is so black that it looks blue. The moonlight illuminates ripples on the surface and I go under to see what's there. From where I am looking I can see a fish coming towards me.

It is large, the size of a skateboard and has a regular sized mouth and nose. The fin is very long, especially the back one. The silver tone of the creatures body makes a luminescent glow.

When I go back to the surface, I notice that I am wearing black pearl earrings and am psychically seeing where the fish is going. I hear music playing in the distance on some kind of piano, making interstellar noises.

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Saturday, August 24th 2019

11:45 PM

The Ten Commandments

My hair is black and very long, which is it's natural hair color. I am wearing a denim jacket and a pink cotton dress. There is a young girl child, about one years old that is following me everywhere and she doesn't talk.

We walk from a back room, where there are toys, a chalkboard and files on a desk. It looks like a messy office. The child has a bowl cut with brown silky and thick hair. She is wearing a white cotton one piece with blue diamond designs everywhere.

I grab her and carry her on my hip. We look at the chalkboard, it is broken into a calendar that is based on the weeks. The day I seem interested in is a Wednesday, in the very middle and it says that I will be teaching the ten commandments.

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Wednesday, August 21st 2019

10:57 PM

Business Transformation

There is a place where the boards are falling apart from the stairway of a strip club. It looks to be abandoned and in disarray. A velvet blue carpet rolls out from the entrance like a giant tongue reaching out for blood.

My black boots stand out in my mind as I look down at where I am heading. Someone is mentioning to me, while they hold a paper in their hands, that I have inherited it. The outside entrance is covered in green bushes.

Inside I start to have a vision of how things will look once I transform them. I decide to create a dance studio. There are large mirrors lining the walls and for good luck, I decide to keep them there.

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Tuesday, August 13th 2019

8:22 PM

Chasing the Werewolf

A whole city covered in darkness looming over a lake. The water splashes about wildly in the wind. On the coastline where the waves hit the ground, there is a dense forest on top of grey granite.

A cabin sits here in the sand. It is small and square shaped with a chimney coming from the top in an explosion of red brick. I see myself in the dark doorway.

There is a team of others here. We are all wearing rain boots and trench coats with the collars turned up. We are looking at a map because we are tracking werewolves. We plan the next full moon hunt.

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Monday, August 12th 2019

12:35 AM

Bringing Cat to Life

In a lush green field, there is a rusty wagon and underneath it is a dead cat. The animal is the color of midnight and his eyes are green. He appears to be dead, however, as I pick him up to hold him he still feels a bit warm.

Noticing with my hands that I am grabbing onto a lantern with purple glass and rectangular dark metal edges, I embrace him with the other arm and start to pray. The feline spits out red blood and is lively again.

He jumps out of my arms and it seems as though he and I have transferred bodies because my perspective changes to be me as the cat and the cat as me. And as the person, I am wearing a cheetah print witch dress with purple silk ruffles, a black pointed hat with a golden veil and my hair is dark brown and very long.

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Sunday, August 4th 2019

11:26 AM

Very Long Table

A bright room spans out. It is long shaped and there is an echo in there due to the way the walls are placed. The doorways have long arches over the top.

In the middle of the area, there is a long table. It is made from a cedar colored wood and looks to seat about twenty people or more.

I stare at the emptiness and wonder what is going on for awhile. There are no chairs to sit on. I fade out from the scene.

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Wednesday, July 31st 2019

11:07 PM

Sailor Moon Stuff

A small room with wooden floors sits in the corner of the upstairs of a house. A nicely made bed wrapped in a blue comforter takes up the majority of space. There is a t.v. and a couple drawers attached to a small dresser and end tables.

I go through the stuff in the top drawer. It is filled up with Sailor Moon stuff. There are cartoon stickers, dolls and mangas. The dolls are a couple feet tall. The Tuxedo Mask one is packaged where there are a lot of accessories around him, but everything is missing.

I feel very sentimental looking at these characters from my youth. It brings me many happy memories that I shared with my sister. I also pickup Magick Knight Rayearth movies and dolls and then put them back and close the drawer.

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Monday, July 29th 2019

7:53 PM

Weighing Pennies

A long hallway lays out in front of me. I am standing in front of a group of people. Everyone is paired off into twos. Paul is there with me.

He wheels in a trolly with a water cooler jug, halfway filled up with pennies. People are stepping onto a scale and weighing theirselves together. We wheel the pennies forward and put them onto the scales too.

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Thursday, July 25th 2019

10:48 AM

Red Red Wine

Laughter and joy invites me into a sacred space. The atmosphere around me is dark and humid, like a cave, but I see images of walls in a house instead. People are sitting around the group of us women and their legs are folded as if we are in a ritual.

Everyone around us is drinking and I look down and into my glass. I see red alcohol, like wine in my glass. The glass is shaped like a mother's womb and holds the eternal nectar like blood. I keep wondering if this is blood because it takes strange form when I look at it.

Something floats on top of the surface. I wonder if it is an ice cube because it's thick, but the texture is off. It bubbles and disappears from my view. I look up at the party and we just all forget our troubles and have a good time.

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Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

1:28 PM

Tarantula in the Trees

Footsteps on a dirt and gravel path conjures up images of a vacation that looks like it is taking place somewhere tropical. There is tall rubbery greenery and palm trees about. The weather feels very humid.

I am wearing a long blue dress with spaghetti straps and sandals. There are people behind me and in front of me, walking too. The path is lit by tiki torches.

I squeal when I notice a baby tarantula on the ground. It is all grey. I keep walking and see on another tree, a full grown one that has cream and black markings. They resemble a zebra's stripes, in the way they pattern everywhere.

The focus remains on the tarantula. I stare at it for a very long time. The night time finally melts into day and I awaken.

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Thursday, July 18th 2019

3:26 PM

Bear at the Beach

A children's playground area with swings, a wooden fort and monkey bars are laid out in a silver metallic scheme. The swing chain is covered in a green plastic which wraps around from top to bottom and the seat is made from a black plastic.

I see myself on this swing set, carefully swinging back and forth. There is sand on the ground, where I dig my black boots into. From where I am sitting, I can see across the way to an ocean.

There are lots of rocks and the water is flowing strongly. A shadow emerges from the sunlight and transforms right before my eyes into a bear. The bear looks like a grizzly bear. It is brown, large and I sense it is female.

It stands up proudly and looks to the water, smelling the air. It catches scent of something intriguing and heads off into that direction. I get off and go find my way back home.

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Monday, July 15th 2019

8:42 PM

Levitating on a Hill

A busy metropolis spans out in front of me. A certain building interests me the most. It has a velvet rope out in front, burgundy in color. A tent curved in an elegant fashion arches over the entrance way.

I go searching for a person because it seems that I won a prize that I am coming to collect. A lady at a white marble desk says that I can expect to claim it at the top.

I take an elevator up to the top and there is a line of people waiting to get into a place with pools and a garden, tables, food and drink. The security looks at a ticket I am holding and tells me I got $25 dollars. He says he's sorry it wasn't bigger.

So, I go into my pocket and pull out a picture of the galaxy on my phone. I said, "See how small these stars are though? And there still great." He tells me I am a star navigator.

I take my prize and then go out towards a cliff which is on a soft and lush grassy hill. I run as fast as I can to the middle of the hill and start levitating. I am wearing a creamy silk dress with a bow, tied around my waist and floating in the wind.

My body is in an arch and my head is looking downwards. We are on a huge red cliff and I can see how far away the bottom is. It is miles long and all a desolate place in the outdoors.

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Sunday, July 14th 2019

8:32 PM

Ascending Upwards

There's a building that almost looks like it's falling apart. Different types of personalities live on the many floors. An elevator is in the first floor hallway, so me and a couple of my friends take it up. It has silver doors and the carpets remind me of an outdated hotel floor, that has been walked on way too many times.

On the fourth floor we stop and get out. It appears we are in somebody's apartment. We walk through the wooden entrance way and peek a guy in a wheelchair with glasses and white hair. He is playing music on a stereo.

We say hello and turn around to the elevator in the hallway and decide to take the stairs instead. My male and female companion are very encouraging. They both are wearing sweater hoodies.

The steps go outside and spiral up in a squared fashion. A couple of the levels are under construction and have a plank going upwards instead of cement. I see workers on the way. We just keep ascending upwards.

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Monday, July 8th 2019

2:03 PM

Liliac Flower Petals

There is a courtyard that sits to the side of a grey stone building. The sun is shining very brightly. Planted lilac flowers surround from the stone gate all the way around. The planters are also a grey stone vase, with a rounded bottom and top. Wheels dance across the surface in a swirling outward design.

Wind chimes dangle all about as clouds and a small breeze come through. It knocks down many petals, until the whole ground is covered in them. Once its perfect, another burst of air flows through and mixes them all up again.

A raised stage painted in a red wooden stain sits to the left of the gate from where I am looking across the way. A bushy green tree with small leaves like an ornamental kind with a soft red base sits nearby me in a lush lawn of short grass.

I notice a red creature like a red scorpion mixed with a craw dad rush in front of me and go under the table to the other side. It is a small decorative bamboo one. I look there and underneath is babies, wet,but with smaller claws than an ocean dweller.

I look at them and laugh because they have the cutest expressions on their faces. Their eyes are innocent and optimistic. The large mother one is there, watching happily over her young.

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