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Wednesday, April 14th 2021

1:06 PM

Pregnant but Really Fit

I am staring at a very long mirror and I am wearing black panties and i can see that i'm pregnant because my stomach is moving. My stomach is really fit & thin though, but when the baby moves, i can feel it.

It intrigues me in the dream, although I can't understand how that I am pregnant- I do lovingly caress my stomach. It's weird though how good my body looks for being pregnant and also the fact i haven't had sex for years so, it's intriguing...

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Saturday, March 20th 2021

1:33 PM

Golden Oil

In a beautiful place where there is a fire softly burning in a room with a large high ceiling space. The majority of the room is made of wood and a black onyx stone, especially the fireplace, which is richly carved in intricate fleur patterns and smooth lines.

Then, i notice that i am on a deep red rug that has silk knot rope on the ends and more gold fleur designs. It is a warm and inviting space and it inspires me to rub gold oil all over my body and it feels really good.

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Friday, March 12th 2021

10:14 PM

Collecting Black Clothing

I'm in a very large house, cause it almost reminds me of a dollhouse by the sheer size of the structure and there are many rooms. The majority of the floors are in wood paneling and very beautiful and shiny.

I just go from room to room and start collecting clothing. All of the clothing is black colors and varying textures and fabrics. The pieces are very dark and beautiful and I can hear the folding sounds they make when i pick them off of the floor.

I'm not sure what i'm doing with the clothes- maybe i am cleaning them in the laundry. They are very clean looking already, so i am not really sure but, i do seem to look at them with a type of fascination.

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Tuesday, December 29th 2020

8:31 PM

Wet Tarot Cards

A table in front of me with a white top is soaked in puddles of rain and there are a deck of tarot cards in the middle. All of the cards are drawn in classic ink outlines and the backs are silver. They look like my first pair of tarot cards ever.

They are so soaked that they are warped but, I still did a reading. The cards I got were in alternating designs and in the middle is the fool and the second was the Heirophant reversed. Usually I draw three of them, but, in this reading I did two.

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Sunday, December 20th 2020

2:45 PM

Deer's Blood

At first it feels like I am the person who is the woman in the dream, but she looks more like an actress- similar to Agnes Bruckner from the movie Blood & Chocolate. She has blonde hair like lion colored and she is on the telephone, but it looks like it is from the 80's or something.

She walks upstairs to the shower and it's running. Her husband is in there with another man, but she doesn't care and they look at her with concern because she is covered in blood, especially her hands. She looks at them and says she ran over a deer but, it's ok because it means the wish has come true.

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Saturday, December 5th 2020

10:24 PM

Trap Door House

In an interdimensional space in time, there is a house that exists in several different realms. From the outside, it looks like it was built in the modern times, with tall cascading towers and windows from all side, which illuminate everything in sight.

I go in the entrance with the black door with my family and they wait in the bedroom and go to sleep. Everything appears to be made from wooden furniture and is very clean and neat. I paused however though, and stayed awake because I was concerned at what I had noticed.

Nearly every room and hallway had some type of trap door installed. There were doors everywhere, which were made to look invisible unless you were looking for them. As I stared at the one on the ceiling, I could see it move a bit, as if someone was behind it.

I crawled up and looked at it and I got scared because I noticed there was a hyena type of werewolf shapeshifter in there. He ran away and I chased him to see what was going on. I went through this space, to another crawl space, where it was day time.

I looked out as it ended and there was a cemetery there, that looked gothic and must have been built in the 1800's. It looks like the oldest one they could have been there with the gravestones and design.

I don't get out of the tunnel then, because I see all of the other creatures, standing up and walking around that place, like it existed in another time. I turned around and went to the night place where Paul and the dogs were sleeping and I tried to quietly wake them up and move them outside.

As soon as I began to wake them up and we went to walk, a bunch of the creatures came taring down the hallway where we were going, so we took another secret portal and I took them to a safe place and then turned back around to go back to the house and explore the different doorways. I kept outrunning the creatures, even though they were so fast and it was scary, but also fun.

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Tuesday, December 1st 2020

12:02 AM

Taking the Wrong Flight

There is a really tall building and I am on the top floor of it. It is a airport building. Well, I am sitting in the waiting room, but I cannot stay awake- so, I fall asleep in a cream leather chair.

I have a strange sensation of being startled, so I make my way to the nearest line, as I struggle to get my eyes open. Because of all the commotion- it feels like I am going to miss my flight, so I rush into the airplane.

Then, I realize after I look around and see how small it is, that it can't possibly be going to where I am headed because the ticket says Miami, Florida- which also sends strange emotions through me because I lived there before and did not have a great experience. So, I fill up with dread.

I can't speak as I try to call people on my phone and talk and I start to have a panic attack. Then, finally someone asks me what is wrong and i show them the ticket. They show more people and reassure me it will be ok. In fact, they set up a place for me to stay overnight.

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Saturday, November 28th 2020

9:19 PM

The Titanic 2

A man with dark hair starts talking to me in outer space. He is just floating in the sky by the moon.He tells me a story that he helped to build the Titanic ship, which sunk in 1912. He claimed to be on the Titanic when it went down.

Then, he went on to explain that in the far future, he was reincarnated in order to build a spaceship, which looks like a bus of some kind. But, he said that on the second time- his bus that would travel around the moon wrecked and he was killed with the ship again.

He showed me on the outer space ship the different rooms and art that was aboard. There was a nice balcony, overlooking a waiting area with furniture all made of blue leather. The front of the waiting room had a giant tree carved out of some type of blue stone as well, which protruded from the wall with gemstones inlaid on various parts of the trunk.

As I go to the waiting area, I notice a silver coin near the floor and a security guard winks at me and continues to survey the area. I follow the man that first guided me to the navigation deck and it is a huge window where you can see the moon and a huge painting of him as a captain on the titanic is in the room.

Then, the ship crashes as he stands under the painting. Then, we are back in outer space again floating and he asked if i could help him change the future. I said that I can try.

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Monday, November 16th 2020

2:31 PM

Baby Black Kitten

The dream is very dark and there is really no lights, but I can see what's in my way anyway, because all around me is glowing. I must be in an abandoned house, or maybe one that I am paranormal investigating, because I am looking for supernatural stuff.

From under one of the beds, there is a small black short haired kitten without a collar and it looks at me in the eyes in love but fear as well. Then, it darts all around the room and comes back to me, like maybe it wants my help.

Whatever the case, it causes me to giggle and laugh at how cute it is. I end up scooping it up off the ground, kissing it's forehead and taking it home. I remember in the name I was calling him Jack.

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Monday, November 16th 2020

12:10 PM

Rolling Stone Magazine

In the dream, I am shopping in a store and I go up to a magazine rack because I see myself on the cover, but it looks very strange. It is Rolling Stone Magazine but, it looks terrible.

On the photo of me, there is no filter at all and the lens is wrong, so it looks like I have 1,000 zits or something and my hair is awful. The hair is all plain black and very straight, so that it's also frizzy and dry. Then, I am wearing loose ponytail pigtails with leather wrapped ribbons, which I refuse to wear animal products like that in real life.

It makes me feel a whole bunch of different emotions and I can't even remember doing the photo shoot, but somehow it is there- like I did it. Then, people in the supermarket start to stare at me, but they won't say what's on their minds, even though I can read their thoughts and I get frustrated again.

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Friday, November 13th 2020

1:17 AM

Eating A Cake

A bunch of dogs are in my kitchen and Paul is there too. He hands me a cake and tells me to eat it. It is full of colorful frosting on a silver cake sheet. The cake is shaped like a 3d dog that is putting his head to the ground on his paws. He is a blonde dog.

I take the cake to the table and I eat the entire thing to myself. As I am devouring it, I start getting really sick and sweating and my teeth hurt, but I just keep going. I keep going until I am finished and then fall asleep, but then wake up in reality and I was covered in sweat.

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Thursday, November 12th 2020

1:08 AM

Buying A Bear

I go back in time to the home I lived in when I was a teenager. When I lived in Deer Lodge, Montana. My stepmom and my father are in my bedroom and they are yelling at me about something and she is waving her hands frantically.

When she leaves the room, my dad just keeps yelling at me and I can't seem to speak even though I want too. My stepmom comes back and she has bought a brown grizzly bear and it is standing up like a human and she has it by a metal gold leash and collar. I feel like they got the bear to intimidate me because it is growling, mean and very scary.

Once again, I am so afraid that I cannot speak or defend myself, even though I am really trying to and it is very disappointing and frustrating. Then, my spirit guides were putting in images of doing tarot and spiritual things in my head the same way, like if they were my dream parents.

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Wednesday, November 4th 2020

6:03 PM

Burning A Pineapple Tree

In the backyard of a wooden house, there is soft mud under my feet that I can feel through my sneakers as I walk towards a giant tree- which is in the center. A friendly man with dark hair walking besides me explains kindly that it's a pineapple tree.

A large group gathers around us and excitedly start talking amongst themselves about how they are planning to burn the tree. There is children there and they are getting excited.

We stand there as the men throw gasoline on the tree trunk and strike it with a torch. The flame burns very quickly and suddenly disappears in space with the tree. There isn't even burn marks leftover.

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Monday, October 26th 2020

1:17 PM

Beautiful Tiger

In my dream, I am the same way I am in bed, but it is lucid, like I am awake hovering over my body. To my right side is a bright orange tiger. He has a very noble presence and it is comforting and protective.

He is not completely solid matter, but he appears in a haze of grey smoke. His coat is soft and shiny, like orange velvet. As he looks in my eyes, I can see that where there should be his eyeballs, there are blue sapphires instead.

The stones protrude out of the eye as if they can leave his body and float around the room as he wishes. He seems proud, like he just showed me a new trick or something. Then, vanishes away with a mischievous energy.

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Tuesday, October 20th 2020

4:48 PM

Woman In A Barn

A woman, who is about three hundred pounds and has short black hair, wearing dark blue sweatpants and a light blue shirt- makes strange shouting noises from a barn. I run over and it turns out that she is actually a ghost.

I ask her why she is making so much noise, and she tells me she is haunting the place because she can't get out of the room. She points upstairs, where there is an attic. She explains with her hands that is where she is sleeping.

She tells me all these things I have to do for her, so she can finally leave. The things are such small tasks like giving messages to people and mailing items from the barn to a family member, such as- an oil lamp, grains for horses and riding boots.

I do all the tasks and she is very grateful for my services, so i am happy too because I can feel her sense of purpose fulfilled. Than, she opens the door out and walks away in the sunlight.

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Monday, October 5th 2020

12:09 PM

Mountain Lions

In the same house and room from the previous two dreams, I am sitting in my bedroom in the dark. Now, it's completely night and there is only light from the moon and stars- cast through the eastern window.

I keep hearing ghosts whispering about mountain lions from the hills and valleys and trying to make some sense of what is being spoken. It is hard to hear, but I immediately get the chills when I realize that my room is filled up with mountain lions and they are walking around so silently, that they cannot be heard.

I see flashes of their earth colored fur and tails and eyes as they walk past the dresser and moonlight. The ghosts are whispering to me that they can't hurt me, but I can feel my heart beating so fast. Everyone else is in the house sleeping, so I can't make a sound to wake or startle them, to ruse them from their slumber.

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Monday, October 5th 2020

11:55 AM


The weather is still murky and dark. My sister and Ryan are there with me again, but instead of being back in the house- we are at the grocery store. Abby walks off in an unknown direction and Ryan and I begin to shop for groceries.

We buy so much stuff and he fills up the cart to the top with all different kinds of food. I was assuming that it was for me, until we went into the parking lot. He carries it over to a random pickup truck and I see a ghost of an auburn haired woman sitting there.He puts all the groceries from the paper bags in the truck and I immediately am overcome with despair.

He claims that she has all these kids that have to be fed, but I know that the money was meant for me. He tries to tell me a pity story, but then I exclaim, well shes on welfare or something and now I have nothing to eat.

We ride back to the house, where my father and step mother are resting in bed. It is still very low lighting. I try to tell them that he spent the $300 that was meant for me on someone else and I have nothing to eat, but my throat chakra is blocked, so that I cannot speak.

I manage to scribble something about it on the paper and my father doesn't care. He's like saying well he's a christian and I am not one- even though I exclaim I have no food. Then, Abby shows up and says, well you were given $300 like years ago, weren't you and no one cares or will help me get the demon off.

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Monday, October 5th 2020

11:45 AM

Glass Dresser

In my parents house, there sits a bedroom upstairs where I sleep. It is the room to the farthest right and a large glass rectangular window faces towards the eastern sun. There are no curtains on the window.

By the glass is the most beautiful dresser in the world. Every part of it is made of a crystal like mirror material. It is completely covered in these butterflies of the same material, which are made to mimic a real butterfly, so that they sit apart from the dresser, looking like they are real crystal butterflies which have landed on the dresser. Every part is covered, so that there are hundreds of them.

The dresser sits up against the wall to the north corner by the glass window. The room is dimly lit, so that the whole dresser catches any light and just shimmers continuously, as if they are in eternal motion.

I become very possessive of the dresser, so much so that anyone who tries to touch it or even spend too much time to look at it- I drive away. My sister tries to touch it with her boyfriend and I shoo them out of the room.

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Tuesday, September 29th 2020

3:34 PM

A Bouquet of Black Roses

The dresser by where I sleep suddenly becomes four times as large as it is in the waking world. It is white, but the colors in this reality are brighter, fresher and more vibrant. I see myself opening the drawers and searching through to see what items are inside.

Each drawer that I go through becomes bigger each time I search inside. They physics do not match up to the reality of the situation. In one, I can even see into a different time and place, above a family in their front yard, raking leaves in the fall.

In the middle drawer, I can see clients to my paranormal business and they are in their homes. The ghosts are there with them and everyone is whispering. I pull out a very jumbo bouquet of black roses, sitting in a large plain crystal vase.

The flowers are so pretty and the closer I look, I can't tell if they are real, but they also seem to be woven together with silk. It feels like a present from the ghosts I helped and I hear them saying, "thank you."

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Monday, September 28th 2020

3:29 PM

Running On A Path

All around me are leaves falling on the ground in tones of red, yellow and green. They are shaped like oak and are rather large. Acorns fall onto the ground as well, making a popping noise as they dislodge from the wood that birthed them.

The path that I am running on is a grey highway. It winds and moves in very peculiar ways. There is no cars or vehicles driving. It seems to be a desolate road.

I am running at a steady pace and I feel as though I am right in the middle of a race. I can sense someone coming up from behind, maybe a half mile away- trying to pass me. I wonder if I should pick up my pace, but then I decide to remain unchanged, so I can finish the race.

I win first place by a long shot. There are not crowds around cheering, but it seems I am part of a running team, where we practice our strides and footwork. The overall sense is one of peace and happiness.

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Monday, September 21st 2020

2:45 PM

Still at School

A recurring dream that I have is being at a school. Either it is one from my past- like grade school or a college or trade school. I can remember them very well, because I moved around so much that it was an intense experience to go to each new school.

The same theme that happens in each one is that I continue on my studies. I go for longer periods of time, change majors, calculate time and then do very well. I am not sure if this means that I should literally continue on my education or just wishful dreaming?

Although, the sense I have in each one is being overwhelmed and not speaking up or saying anything. I notice that I try to solve all the problems by my self, because I like to be alone.

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Saturday, September 19th 2020

2:41 PM

My Two Sisters

Found myself in a school that had very long hallways and they were all painted asphalt. The temperature was very cool, as if we were underground. The paints were all in different tones of the color blue.

I saw my full blood sister, Abby and my half blood sister, Mikayla standing together. They were whispering to each other about me and casting the evil eye towards me. Every time that I tried to go up to them and be friendly and say hello, they would slowly walk farther away.

The more I looked at my younger sisters, the more they would change. Mikayla became extremely tall, so much so that she reached the ceiling. Abby's face kept distorting so that eventually she had one blue eye in the middle of her forehead.

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Tuesday, September 15th 2020

2:32 PM

Another Alien Abduction

While I was sleeping I was in a lucid dream that aliens were trying to contact me and abduct me. They landed in a grassy field in the middle of a night and I could see all of my friends running towards the eerie white light, which was radiating from the craft.

They all had smiles on their faces and were running towards it in join. For some reason, I was not under the spell and I was horrified, so I escaped as fast as I could go. I could still hear their voices in my mind though, the farther I got- trying to entice me back.

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Wednesday, September 9th 2020

3:41 PM

Gigantic Amethyst

A place with rolling green hills spans across the daylight. I find myself sitting in the grass with a few other people, who I do not know in my waking life. I tell them that I can sense there is crystals buried there and begin to intuitively put my hand over the ground and easily grab them out.

The crystals are huge. Most of them are pointed like towers, but a few are small clusters. They are so big, some are too heavy to carry. The people nearby me are looking with amazement and what I am producing.

They go digging in the dirt, and they can't find anything. A few start watching me with astonishment as I continue to gracefully uncover more gigantic amethyst crystals underneath a porch by a house.

Soon, the sky darkens and we move to a river. The water rolls by softly and gently, making a beautiful serene sound. The moonlight shines on the water and all the amethyst as well.

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Sunday, August 23rd 2020

9:15 PM

Balloon Services

A mountain spans over the skyline and it is covered in snow. In the valley bellow is a green meadow, with long grass and wildflowers. There is a tree that is cut into a table there in the middle, where I walk.

A girl with strawberry blonde hair is there at the wooden alter, and she is blowing up balloons with a helium machine. The balloons are of all different sizes and for many occasions. Crystal colors, glitter and metallics spanning over the natural sunset.

I go up to the girl and she hands me the balloons, with the bottoms tied into ribbon bracelets. I slip them over my arms and have so many, that I begin to fly away slowly and surely until the wind picks up and I am carried into another galaxy.

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