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Monday, July 13th 2020

3:56 PM

By The Ocean

In a hotel by an ocean, there is a large gathering of people. The sun is setting, so the sky is orange and red. The sound of the waves crashing can be heard.

I am in a hotel room that is done up in red carpeting and rich cherry woods, although it is a small space, it is decorated exquisitely with white ruffled pillow cases, detailed antique lamps and original landscape paintings.

Because the room overlooked the water, there were many people dressed very fancy and of high stature. Even President Trump was staying there.

I talked to all the people in the rooms surrounding mine. Everyone was out and connecting and spreading love towards each other.

I went into one couples room, the lady had supernatural eyes that had three irises that would all shift as the moon was, so that one would glow yellow and mimic the moonlight and they was constantly changing. I told her about my family and all the tragedy.

I had a dog with me, that I used to walk for my friend. Her name is Karma and she is a German Shepard and she was there with me and I was introducing her to them. I took her down all the floors until we got outside to the ocean.

My head was spinning around as I was searching for Paul and I even found him nearby the president and he couldn't see or hear me and the president couldn't hear anyone. It was like he was a hologram and all the people ignored him.

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Sunday, July 12th 2020

3:16 PM

Ariana Grande Bringing Me Fish

I was living in this house on a really tall plateau. It was not very rocky, but with tan dirt roadways and a lot of lush grass. To get to the house, you would have to drive very far away.

The window is on the right side of the front door, facing out where there is huge glass panes covering most of the walls, so that you can see in every direction. From across this room is a room filled with aquariums.

Ariana Grande, the pop singer pulls up in a shiny black pickup truck and gets out wearing a lavender puffy coat and black boots.She has on a cream sweater dress on with a photo of a spooky Halloween tree on the front and an ocean blue sunset twilight sky.

She holds huge bags of young fish. They are multi-colored and fancy like guppies, gold fish and some koi. She takes off and keeps coming back to bring me more and I fill the aquarium up with them. As some die, I put them into resin blocks with plants and shells to preserve them.

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Friday, June 26th 2020

1:13 AM

White Lace Umbrella

During a lucid dream, I look up from my bed where I am sleeping and feel surprised and spooked. A white lace umbrella is floating around in the room with me. It dances and turns upside down and right side up and jumping high and low.

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Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

4:03 PM

My Cats

I used to have a cat that was mostly black and some white on the chin, paws and underneath named Love. I brought her from Montana to California and then she was gone. I had her for years and I was very attached.

Last night I was dreaming of her to the point I started to chase her in my dreams. I could see her face and it was very furry and sweet. It's obvious that her spirit was reaching out to me.

Also, I saw my other cat Birdie from when I was a teenager and she was letting me know she is still there too. The room was like darkness and I couldn't recognize any details except a wooden floor and furniture in a small room with a white candle stick burning.

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Sunday, May 24th 2020

1:33 PM

Bat In The Tree

An apple tree is on a path where I am walking and it is perfectly shaped and manicured so that the top is perfectly round. You can't see the apples on it yet, but the leaves are healthy and vibrant.

A friend is with me, he seems like a boy with blonde hair and a gentle soul. We are walking together when all of a sudden a giant bat flies in front of us and than climbs up the tree.

It is middle of the day so, I assume that he was sleeping and then flew to get away from being startled, but also realize I have one Wish Box that has a bat spirit gaurdian on it and I did a protection prayer over it for my friend's life, should he be in danger it will help him and I think this alludes to that...just as a reminder of positive energy!

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Monday, April 27th 2020

9:47 PM

Keys of a Piano

My mind is up close to a piano. The keys are very dark colored and loud. The sound is echoing through the halls.

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Monday, April 20th 2020

7:38 AM

Invisible Threads

There is a house where everything is connected by a single invisible thread. The thread splits itself into segments and starts twisting together from the bedroom.

I look towards this room to see an invisible man with the tentacle like braid twisting from his head. I kick him as I realize each thread is attached to someone in the house.

He gathers himself back up and the braided tentacles separate and morph into his head and he puts on an invisible top hat and walks away.

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Wednesday, April 15th 2020

1:25 PM

An Eye For Art

There is a long mirror in front of me stretching down on the back of a door in which I am staring at my reflection. I am wearing a white outfit and looking into my brown eyes. In blue ink I have an eye drawn under my left eye with eyelashes the same size as it is.

I also go through a wood trunk in the room which has art in it from other lifetimes. One of the pieces has a black molding substance and from it is made a whole jungle of animals with a lion, birds, wild dogs and trees. It is so beautiful and it is made like a jumbo greeting card.

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Thursday, April 9th 2020

3:23 PM

Another Rod

I woke up out of a lucid dream where I was in another watery place. The bed I was sleeping in took me back to my bedroom, but the veil was still lifted.

A rod was hovering above me, it had come out of the portal, like it was made of water too. It was royal blue with bumps all around and no distinct face or tail. It was wearing a wood border, which moved like the way a capsule around you would, such as a car, boat, or whatever like a shell.

It was studying me from about six feet above my sleeping location. As soon as I saw it then I rushed out of bed to get my camera, but nothing showed on the picture as it vanished quickly.

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Monday, March 30th 2020

2:36 PM

Blue Tarantula

In my tarantula room I have more spiders than I do in real life. They are in big glass houses and there are very large ones too. The one that I focus in on the most is the giant blue and black one.

I remember the sales guy telling me that it was a fast one when he sold it to me. The thought replayed in my head when I came near to it because it jumped on my hand and than took off running.

It ran so fast that it would run, jump and then stop for an instant and still was faster than I was. I grabbed it a few times, but it quickly escaped each time until it was completely outside and burrowed into some mossy Earth.

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Friday, March 20th 2020

12:07 PM

20 Bicycles

There is a boy with dark eyes and hair, suntanned on top of a hay roof. He is trying to get my attention. So, I look at him.

He has one red adult bike on the roof with him and there are twenty different colored ones in front of me, by the house. He is trying to sell me a bike.

I buy the red one and start biking away into the town. The streets are paved with asphalt and there are many houses that I pass with clay walls and hay roofs.

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Monday, March 16th 2020

11:18 AM

Dancing by the Books

A dance teacher gracefully raises her long slender arms into the air and begins a slow ballet dance. She is showing me the ground before me and the steps that I should be taking to reach the timing of the dance.

It is a feeling of freedom and expression that overcomes me and I focus on the next moves that I am going to take with her guidance forward. It feels more like a spiritual experience rather than a physical one, but the two are in motion and balance together.

Then, after the class, we sit down together and eat a pure white cake with elegant frosting in spiral patterns all through the sides and whole of the rounded patterning. The cake is soft and moist and it tastes so good that I started to sing out loud Avril Lavigne's music.

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Tuesday, March 10th 2020

8:43 PM

Spider Eating Energy

My spider Tinsel is walking about her home and watching over me. I crouch down because I see a strange looking insect. It is like a cross between a brown beetle and a dragon fly.

I am scared, but I pick it up by the abdomen and offer it up to the pink-toed tarantula. As I do this, I can feel the negative energy like something bad was coming flow into the bug and be banished as Tinsel quickly eats it up.

After the dream, I feel refreshed as if a soft breeze has blew all throughout my house. I know that was her in the spiritual realm helping me combat a negative force that was in my home.

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Tuesday, March 10th 2020

2:45 PM

The Halloween Club

I found myself walking around at nighttime amognst a city that has large stone fences and brick houses. Lanterns hang overhead on iron black rods, shaping down like moon flowers.

It is Halloween night and there is so many trick or treaters running around town in costumes. I see ghosts, pumpkins, black cats and candy corn flashlights. I see a gray striped cat jump over a fence, so I follow to where it is headed.

There is a house with Halloween flags hanging on the outside. They hang all around the door and I walk up the steps and talk to the owner. There is no need to knock because it is already open and a light is coming through.

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Thursday, February 27th 2020

10:32 AM

Sell The Paintings

A soft breeze is blowing on me the whole time while I am dreaming. My hair is flowing effortlessly in the air. It is a dreamy and picturesque scene.

Gentle flowers dance in the meadows between grassy hills, mounds of insects explore them too. I am at so much peace and I am feeling the orange sun glowing softly on me and fiiling me with light.

I am painting with silver, black and white on large paper canvases and they are all coming out perfect. It is energy written in no particular design and structure, but invokes a feeling of a daydream with it's tranquility.

Then, Paul comes driving up a dirt and gravel road and starts speaking very fast as if he is feeling in a hurry. He says to me he needs me to sell all the paintings to make money and I feel a disappointment in him for ruining the moment and the sanctuary.

I go in my pocket and grab handfuls of cash and reach them out like they are for him, but instead I hold my arm up in the air and watch the wind blow it away and see Paul's face which looks horrified.

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Wednesday, February 26th 2020

10:23 AM

Tornado Warning

The dream starts out where I am at the airport with Paul and we get off the plane. In the waiting area, I notice Aaron Carter who I wrote a story about in my book Music Moon. I go walk over to him and he is covered in dried up mud. He has a super large navy backpack with him and it's dirty too.

He asks me to watch his bag while he goes off and I reluctantly agree. I looked into his bag and saw my book in there with the story and it is super clean and appears it doesn't belong there, so I took it out.

He is taking so long that Paul just starts walking off and so do I because we have to catch a ride, but I bring the book with me. We get in a black car and I start feeling guilty about taking the book and leaving his bag.

Paul is driving the black rental car and we suddenly get trapped in a traffic jam because of several thick gray tornadoes. There are peoples being sucked up and thrown so I panic and start taking over everything.

We pull uphill to a driveway in the dark and get in to the house. There are books and wood furniture everywhere to where it looks as a library. I hear another tornado warning on the radio so I pack up all the animals and Paul in the car and there is no room for nothing else and start to drive the opposite direction from which we came.

There are flying cars in the air and barriers up everywhere and a traffic conductor wearing orange and yellow and waving a black flag. There is blinking lights everywhere and he yells at us to turn around.

So, we have no choice but to go to the house where there are tornadoes a few miles away on wither side. The roads all have large hills and so I just hope that the tornadoes skip our house since it is in a crevice like valley and they never come.

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Tuesday, February 25th 2020

11:44 AM

Driving Upwards

I see myself in a red car and the windows are down. The breeze is moving through me and it feels very tranquil and I am content.

Paul is driving and we are looking for the house we need to investigate. I can see the numbers and we are looking for a four digit address that reads something like 1899.

The sun is setting so that the sky is juicy red, purple and blue. On the radio is playing the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes.

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Monday, February 24th 2020

10:01 AM

Numbers Skyrocketing

The whole house that I am in is very dark and I can barely see anything. I can see lamps in the corners of the room, but they are not turned on.

It's clear that I am filming one of my live videos because I am watching the screen on my phone live streaming. The whole screen is black as well except for the text and numbers.

The numbers keep going up like really really fast. They go from 30 to 800 to the thousands and they keep skyrocketing. The numbers are way more than any from the past.

It gets to ten thousand and Abby my sister comes over and she is pressuring me that I need to take her somewhere or go with her and it's not that important, so I obviously hesitate especially thinking about how the numbers are going up so fast, but I leave the phone running and take her out of the house.

The clock that I look at starts going really fast and making weird movements. It appears to get stuck on four o clock the most, but moves all over the place.

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Friday, February 21st 2020

2:02 PM

Exploding Spider

A sound keeps coming from the bathroom and I look under the cupboards because it sounds like a vibrating noise. To my surprise a huge giant fat black widow is there in a web. I back up in horror and it leaps at me, but before it can touch me it explodes.

After the incident, I clean up the mess of the spider guts and webs everywhere. I am even scrubbing the floor. When I get done, there is a pack of starburst on my pillow. The person who leaves it is my sister Abby.

She is gone because she didn't want to hang out with me. So, I call my mother to see how she is doing. We pick her up, and I tell her about the spider. She said she thinks it got as big as it could like in a pregnancy and then just burst.

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Friday, February 14th 2020

11:38 AM

Drama Room

Taking the stance of the third person in a small white room, that is unseen and undelivered, I silently watch. It is as if I am from another dimension because no one seems to notice that I am there.

The way the ground is rocking makes it clear that we are on a yacht. The room is finely decorated with theatrical items. The masks are made of porcelain and painted with rich jewel colors, metals and decorated finely with ribbons.

I come eye to eye with a mime doll who looks at me from his position. He has a permanent smile painted on with forethought. His lips are parted with red ink and he has a spirit friend.

The spirit in the room is a guardian animal. It watches over all the masks. It had part in creating them when they were inspired and so continues in loyalty to protect them, as they are very powerful in essence, but fragile in our reality, much like all spiritual things are.

He has black and grey fur and growls lowly under his voice if anyone comes to close to them. His eyes glow green like peridot fires set into a fierce statue. Sometimes the people can hear them, but oftentimes not.

A woman comes into the room to take some jewelry out of a white shiny dresser, which has a fancy mirror bent in three places on top. In the mirror you can see she has had surgery to make herself perfect.

When she looks into the mirror however, a mask falls off the wall. She does not notice, but seems to blame the wind and waves instead and leaves the room. The mask does not break, but it remains fallen on the ground.

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Monday, February 10th 2020

9:31 PM

The Red Spider & A Cocoon

I was having another lucid dream and I saw a giant red spider on the curtains of the back door crawling very fast in between the fabrics. I woke up and I thought I was still dreaming seeing it again.

Then in the next dream I was sleeping in a house that has wooden floors everywhere. The bed is very fluffy and white and then I noticed that it was actually a cocoon that I was in and I felt so relaxed.

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Friday, February 7th 2020

10:11 PM

Black Energy Ball

This is a lucid dream which I'm having, so as its taking place I am in my bed thinking this is happening. I woke up and stared at the ceiling because I saw a huge black ball that looked like it was electrical, but layered like yarn in a ball, just not symmetrical and perfectly layered because there are spaces in between.

It floats across the ceiling with a tail behind it that is about three feet long. It looks like a black ribbon that is smoking instead of solid. It looks like it was stopping over me until it realized I was awake and then it slowly disappeared.

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Wednesday, February 5th 2020

4:36 PM

Eating Cheddar Cheese

I find myself in a dark and small room by candlelight. My cat Love that I used to have ten years ago is there with me. She is a black and white cat.

We are both eating a bunch of blocks of yellowish orange cheddar cheese. It tastes very delicious.

Then, the scene switches to a marsh. There is a lot of deep water, reeds and overhanging branches. I can hear multiple birds singing happy songs.

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Tuesday, February 4th 2020

11:53 AM

Tattoo Arm

It starts out that I am sitting at a table with long white candles and I am interviewing a person for a date or some type of situation and they ask me what I do. The place that we are is on a lake so I tell him I work there as a lifeguard.

Then after the date I go back to my room and it is so dark and dreary with rain falling outside the window. I tattoo my left arm with tattoos in brown ink. The specific ones that I remember are a woman's face with a diamond choker and a long lightning bolt on the edge of my forearm.

I am playing with my tattoo gun and making more marks on myself throughout the dream. I specifically focus on my other arm which is bare. I remember thinking a lot about work and money.

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Sunday, January 26th 2020

8:17 PM

Giant Moon

The weather is icy cold and I realize that I am standing on a cliff. There is a white trailer that is sitting in trees in a crevice of the mountain. The sky is dark shades of purple and blue.

I can see the clouds turning grey and shifting in the air currents slowly. They seem to be alive. It is like they are dancing around the moonlight. The moon grows super large and I reach out and touch it.

I get so excited that the next day I go and get a couple masculine people to show this too and it is far away and I cannot see any details, it just seems like a flash in the clouds while before it was like a magic stone with all the shapes and designs in it.

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