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Saturday, December 5th 2020

10:24 PM

Trap Door House

In an interdimensional space in time, there is a house that exists in several different realms. From the outside, it looks like it was built in the modern times, with tall cascading towers and windows from all side, which illuminate everything in sight.

I go in the entrance with the black door with my family and they wait in the bedroom and go to sleep. Everything appears to be made from wooden furniture and is very clean and neat. I paused however though, and stayed awake because I was concerned at what I had noticed.

Nearly every room and hallway had some type of trap door installed. There were doors everywhere, which were made to look invisible unless you were looking for them. As I stared at the one on the ceiling, I could see it move a bit, as if someone was behind it.

I crawled up and looked at it and I got scared because I noticed there was a hyena type of werewolf shapeshifter in there. He ran away and I chased him to see what was going on. I went through this space, to another crawl space, where it was day time.

I looked out as it ended and there was a cemetery there, that looked gothic and must have been built in the 1800's. It looks like the oldest one they could have been there with the gravestones and design.

I don't get out of the tunnel then, because I see all of the other creatures, standing up and walking around that place, like it existed in another time. I turned around and went to the night place where Paul and the dogs were sleeping and I tried to quietly wake them up and move them outside.

As soon as I began to wake them up and we went to walk, a bunch of the creatures came taring down the hallway where we were going, so we took another secret portal and I took them to a safe place and then turned back around to go back to the house and explore the different doorways. I kept outrunning the creatures, even though they were so fast and it was scary, but also fun.

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