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Tuesday, December 1st 2020

12:02 AM

Taking the Wrong Flight

There is a really tall building and I am on the top floor of it. It is a airport building. Well, I am sitting in the waiting room, but I cannot stay awake- so, I fall asleep in a cream leather chair.

I have a strange sensation of being startled, so I make my way to the nearest line, as I struggle to get my eyes open. Because of all the commotion- it feels like I am going to miss my flight, so I rush into the airplane.

Then, I realize after I look around and see how small it is, that it can't possibly be going to where I am headed because the ticket says Miami, Florida- which also sends strange emotions through me because I lived there before and did not have a great experience. So, I fill up with dread.

I can't speak as I try to call people on my phone and talk and I start to have a panic attack. Then, finally someone asks me what is wrong and i show them the ticket. They show more people and reassure me it will be ok. In fact, they set up a place for me to stay overnight.

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