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Tuesday, July 18th 2017

4:45 PM

Emoji Demons

I find myself in a house. The space is plain and unmoving. The walls are all white and the floors are a light pine color. There is furniture about, as it is built into the home of the same materials and boring shapes.

I have black long hair and I am wearing a white outfit, consisting of a blouse and pleated skirt. I am walking through to the back of the main room, past a hallway, to get to a bathroom. I see it has a gorgeous square mirror with silver vines about it inside.

After I come back out, I notice that there is a black shadow figure in the hallway, which won't let me pass by. He builds himself up in layers of energy and speaks in a man's angry voice to intimidate me, so that I cannot pass. He says that he does not want me to leave and wants to control me.

I go into the bedroom because it is right before his gate. The floor is covered by a gray circular woven rug and there is a glass table in the center. I sit on the bed, which has light blue blankets and white pillows and hover over the area. 

I go into my smart phone and try to instant message people that I know for some help. Each time that I hit the emoji or sticker button, it falls out of the bottom of the phone and comes alive. They become large, about the size of a watermelon. They each bounce away making strange high pitched noises of excitement. 

The devil in the hallway calls them over by his side and they listen to everything he says. He shrinks back down to size and resembles a man beast with large horns protruding from each side of his face. He is still only a silhouette of darkness. 

As he is in the middle of all the commotion, I break free and run back to the other side of the house. There is Paul, waiting for me there and he has holy water and incense. We start to pray to angels and it doesn't seem to work. So, we leave and come back one more time. 

When we come back again, we bring more incense and water to pray. I almost give up hope to say we should try praying with a cross to Jesus instead of this universal way and then the monster and all the minions disappear right before I could even suggest it. It seems that I shouldn't give up hope.

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