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Tuesday, July 11th 2017

2:56 PM

Water Guitar

I am with my husband and we are outside in a garden. The garden has gravestones in it but, may roses and greenery. It is sunny and hot. There is a gazebo that is painted all white in the center of the cemetery. 

We are in the gazebo and we notice an electric guitar. The guitar is beautiful. It is made of a hard and clear material which is entirely see through. Inside is clear water which flows in a cycle from the sound hole, through the fret boards and changing back directions at the tip, which is pointed like that of an arrow. 

I am amazed and I grab it so that I can start playing songs on it. It is already hooked up to a metal speaker, which is a glowing a green light. The speaker is already on because for a moment I lean to close to it and it makes a high pitch screech.

I put the guitar strap, which is white with red roses on it, over my shoulders and begin to play a melody. It is my music that I am playing. It feels peaceful and enchanting. I am in a white dress as well, so it sets a heavenly vision.

Paul tries to grab the instrument from me and I pull back slightly. I just keep playing music and enjoying the sunlight. As soon as I am done, he goes for it again and breaks the tip of it, where the water turns directions. 

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