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Thursday, February 16th 2017

1:25 PM

Black Rabbit

There is a small boutique and it has a wall window facing out into the street. There are computers in the front of the shop and children are on them. Inside of the store, there is a large brown desk, where a very large and tall old man is standing, at a black computer. He says welcome to me, as I enter.

I sit down at one of the tables and there is a large black rabbit, jumping all over the store. I try to touch it, as it brushes past my leg and it bites my finger. I sit at the brown circular table and I am waiting to be served some food. There is an older woman who comes from another room, with some food and sits down a plate of potatoes that are steaming, for me.

I watch the rabbit hopping on the floor and I tell everyone that walks in the shop, not to touch it, because it bit me. I feel sad and frustrated but most of the people just disregard me because of the negativity. 

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