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Tuesday, May 18th 2021

1:46 PM

Strength & Time

Well a man in my dreams was asking me "Why do you want to be strong." and I just kept thinking like how good it feels to be in the fire like that and no one can touch you (untouchable).

Than, he showed himself to me so that I could see his entire body like a sculpture with a 360 degree vantage point and I could not believe how many muscles I could see! He was in appearance as a God/ Gladiator so I know it was a pagan God but, I will keep that part away from human's eyes.

He was wearing a black leather gladiator belt and I found it so beautiful. It was adorned with furs,(like a white rabbit's tail and a silver fox too.) Jewelry, set in puzzling rings, worn around the waist, much like a belt and also extra straps, to allow for coverage and freedom in any physical position and movement.

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