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Sunday, May 2nd 2021

7:44 AM

Black Lion Dream

The black lion appeared to my side in a haze of grey smoke. He had green eyes and a full black hairy mane. He has a black tail made from a black candle flame. He said he was protecting me from evil telepathically & I knew someone had negative intentions, but the lion was also bad. I think it was witchcraft and he thinks it is a person & God thinks it's the devil & the demon hunter thinks it's a poltergeist.

All of the blogs say that the black lion is bad energy, because of the darkness. The black lion is an illusion because it is nothing but emotional turmoil. I know that I am safe, but it is a reminder of evil. 

Even right before I saw the black lion, then I could hear it scratching at the door and trying to get in the room for hours and I was looking there with my cell phone flashlight and could see nothing. I thought it was a rat too, so I put pillows under the door, but it didn't stop and nothing was there but a vision of the black lion, who told me everything with his eyes & then dissolved into the ether.

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