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Saturday, November 28th 2020

9:19 PM

The Titanic 2

A man with dark hair starts talking to me in outer space. He is just floating in the sky by the moon.He tells me a story that he helped to build the Titanic ship, which sunk in 1912. He claimed to be on the Titanic when it went down.

Then, he went on to explain that in the far future, he was reincarnated in order to build a spaceship, which looks like a bus of some kind. But, he said that on the second time- his bus that would travel around the moon wrecked and he was killed with the ship again.

He showed me on the outer space ship the different rooms and art that was aboard. There was a nice balcony, overlooking a waiting area with furniture all made of blue leather. The front of the waiting room had a giant tree carved out of some type of blue stone as well, which protruded from the wall with gemstones inlaid on various parts of the trunk.

As I go to the waiting area, I notice a silver coin near the floor and a security guard winks at me and continues to survey the area. I follow the man that first guided me to the navigation deck and it is a huge window where you can see the moon and a huge painting of him as a captain on the titanic is in the room.

Then, the ship crashes as he stands under the painting. Then, we are back in outer space again floating and he asked if i could help him change the future. I said that I can try.

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