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Monday, November 16th 2020

12:10 PM

Rolling Stone Magazine

In the dream, I am shopping in a store and I go up to a magazine rack because I see myself on the cover, but it looks very strange. It is Rolling Stone Magazine but, it looks terrible.

On the photo of me, there is no filter at all and the lens is wrong, so it looks like I have 1,000 zits or something and my hair is awful. The hair is all plain black and very straight, so that it's also frizzy and dry. Then, I am wearing loose ponytail pigtails with leather wrapped ribbons, which I refuse to wear animal products like that in real life.

It makes me feel a whole bunch of different emotions and I can't even remember doing the photo shoot, but somehow it is there- like I did it. Then, people in the supermarket start to stare at me, but they won't say what's on their minds, even though I can read their thoughts and I get frustrated again.

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