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Thursday, November 12th 2020

1:08 AM

Buying A Bear

I go back in time to the home I lived in when I was a teenager. When I lived in Deer Lodge, Montana. My stepmom and my father are in my bedroom and they are yelling at me about something and she is waving her hands frantically.

When she leaves the room, my dad just keeps yelling at me and I can't seem to speak even though I want too. My stepmom comes back and she has bought a brown grizzly bear and it is standing up like a human and she has it by a metal gold leash and collar. I feel like they got the bear to intimidate me because it is growling, mean and very scary.

Once again, I am so afraid that I cannot speak or defend myself, even though I am really trying to and it is very disappointing and frustrating. Then, my spirit guides were putting in images of doing tarot and spiritual things in my head the same way, like if they were my dream parents.

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