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Tuesday, October 20th 2020

4:48 PM

Woman In A Barn

A woman, who is about three hundred pounds and has short black hair, wearing dark blue sweatpants and a light blue shirt- makes strange shouting noises from a barn. I run over and it turns out that she is actually a ghost.

I ask her why she is making so much noise, and she tells me she is haunting the place because she can't get out of the room. She points upstairs, where there is an attic. She explains with her hands that is where she is sleeping.

She tells me all these things I have to do for her, so she can finally leave. The things are such small tasks like giving messages to people and mailing items from the barn to a family member, such as- an oil lamp, grains for horses and riding boots.

I do all the tasks and she is very grateful for my services, so i am happy too because I can feel her sense of purpose fulfilled. Than, she opens the door out and walks away in the sunlight.

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