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Monday, October 5th 2020

12:09 PM

Mountain Lions

In the same house and room from the previous two dreams, I am sitting in my bedroom in the dark. Now, it's completely night and there is only light from the moon and stars- cast through the eastern window.

I keep hearing ghosts whispering about mountain lions from the hills and valleys and trying to make some sense of what is being spoken. It is hard to hear, but I immediately get the chills when I realize that my room is filled up with mountain lions and they are walking around so silently, that they cannot be heard.

I see flashes of their earth colored fur and tails and eyes as they walk past the dresser and moonlight. The ghosts are whispering to me that they can't hurt me, but I can feel my heart beating so fast. Everyone else is in the house sleeping, so I can't make a sound to wake or startle them, to ruse them from their slumber.

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