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Monday, October 5th 2020

11:55 AM


The weather is still murky and dark. My sister and Ryan are there with me again, but instead of being back in the house- we are at the grocery store. Abby walks off in an unknown direction and Ryan and I begin to shop for groceries.

We buy so much stuff and he fills up the cart to the top with all different kinds of food. I was assuming that it was for me, until we went into the parking lot. He carries it over to a random pickup truck and I see a ghost of an auburn haired woman sitting there.He puts all the groceries from the paper bags in the truck and I immediately am overcome with despair.

He claims that she has all these kids that have to be fed, but I know that the money was meant for me. He tries to tell me a pity story, but then I exclaim, well shes on welfare or something and now I have nothing to eat.

We ride back to the house, where my father and step mother are resting in bed. It is still very low lighting. I try to tell them that he spent the $300 that was meant for me on someone else and I have nothing to eat, but my throat chakra is blocked, so that I cannot speak.

I manage to scribble something about it on the paper and my father doesn't care. He's like saying well he's a christian and I am not one- even though I exclaim I have no food. Then, Abby shows up and says, well you were given $300 like years ago, weren't you and no one cares or will help me get the demon off.

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