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Monday, May 20th 2019

12:43 PM

Werewolf Lockdown

A huge white metal fence surrounds a large piece of land. There is barbed wire on the top with pieces of clothing and thread all about. The moon is low and their is a deep silence all about us.

I go in through the front gate with an ID card, like you have at certain jobs when you check into the place. The gates open and red lights start going off nearby on a guard's tower.

I walk past beautiful lawns, a cemetery, a church, a water fountain on a stone path, lit by yellow solar lights in the shape of round spheres. I see a fast shadow dart with the corner of my right eye and move fast.

I am wearing red and black plaid shirt with long sleeves and black skinny jeans and boots to my knee. As soon as I get to the entrance of what looks like a hospital, I use my card and doctors in white coats quickly pull me inside.

They tell me that my room has changed. So, they guide me to a secured room with white flooring and walls and one big window over an office door, looking into the hospital hallway.

I look all over the room and I have books, a mirror, a few collectibles and clothes. My dresser is in the middle of the floor. It is small and light pink, lots of trinkets and jewelry fall out.

I am startled as I see a huge brown werewolf run by the hallway and he is still in his blue jeans. To the right of mine, is another room and I can hear strange thumps and bumps coming from here.

I think the werewolf that got loose ate the security person by the door because they all suddenly unlocked. I wait behind my door until I hear more run out. I go explore the neighbors rooms and they look like belongings a man would have.

One loose werewolf comes up from behind me and I sneak out to the side, wait till it passes and then follows where it is going! We get out of the hallway to exit doors and I see a pool to the side where a werewolf is trying to give a human-like werewolf life, but he is crushing his bones like he is trying to start his heart and yelling "Sticks and stones may break my bones," and also "five, six better pick up sticks"

I go backwards and then a doctor comes and quickly locks me back in my room. There, all the werewolves return the next day and then I start to transform. The first thought in my head is thinking about the morgue.

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