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Monday, April 9th 2018

6:02 PM

Red Pepper Ghosts

Within the deep woods is a dimly lit home where lanterns rest in the windows. They beckon me inside. There is Ivy climbing the perimeter of the space. As I enter the royal blue double doors, I notice there is furniture all about, covered with thick cotton blankets. The floors are a deep cherry wood and the white linen strewn about lightly falls off an oval mirror, as tall as I am and surrounded with maple borders.

There is a large glass chandelier which is moving slightly and threateningly. It appears as if it could shatter in any moment from a deep thudding from the upstairs. A spiral staircase unfolds itself from the wall into the direction of the sounds. My intrigue leads me on.

I see there is no one there but, upon closer inspection, I notice the impressions of movement from the house. The blankets are being tossed to and fro in the air. The table legs are rattling in a strange motion. It's as if two people are fighting and wrestling off the floor and walls.

From my view, I see that I am wearing a white apron with frills all about it. It sits above a long sleeved emerald green dress. There is red powder emanating from my pockets, which sits in piles of three. I take some into my hands and blow it at the specters and see their feet starting to appear. They appear to be young boys wearing converse shoes.

When they sense that I have outsmarted them somehow, they come after me with their fingers clenching out and ready to choke me. I back away slowly and fall asleep on a golden rimmed day bead. It is simple and gorgeous. I wake up one time more in fear but, they left to the bottom floor. I leave the room by astral projecting into a spring meadow.

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