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Friday, July 14th 2017

4:47 PM

The Doctor's Office

I am in a building with a gym. I am a bit younger because I am with high school girls at tryouts for cheerleading. It is no one that was ever on my team in waking life. They look similar to them though. They are all happy and excited.

I want to make the squad so bad that I am infatuated with it. We have one day where we practice drills and choreography and then we have a break. The other girls go off together and I am told by the coach to go to the doctors. 

I walk from the gym through a side door. There is a parking lot, just like at my old high school, which is made of asphalt. Across from it, there is a green lawn, which leads up to a small trailer. I cross this to reach my destination.

The trailer is a doctor's office and I knock to go inside. I think it’s for an athlete physical because I am not feeling any sickness or pain. The man at the front desk asks me to sit in one of the various blue chairs, which sit against the wall, by the door. He wears black jeans and a black and white plaid shirt. There is also a large window behind the seats, which is covered with plastic blinds, so that small slits of light come through.

I sit down and there is a small brown coffee table in front of me with magazines. The magazines have celebrities and style on their covers. One has Halsey on the cover and another has Halle Berry and the fashion one has an unknown face. That is the only part that interests me.

The man behind the counter walks up to me and escorts me to a second room where there is tables and chairs about, as if it is a lunch break room. There are large water containers everywhere with many crystals in them. The crystals are shaped like marbles but, I am sure they are high quality for their clarity. The jugs are square and they have a handle to lift for water cups. 

When the man says that the doctor is ready for me, I enter the next room. I sit on a cot that is by a window, where plastic blinds are drawn but, I can still see outside. There is an apple tree and birds singing and a stream behind this. It is quite beautiful. 

He comes in the room and I become filled with fear. He is all red and giant, with dark brown bone horns, protruding from the sides of his face. He has human characteristics but, it's clear that he is a beast. Before I can think, he is injecting me with a fluid that resembles blood in an IV. He pats me on the shoulder, as if to comfort me because I am speechless.

I am falling asleep now because of the fluid he gave me and he puts a pale blue hospital blanket over me and kisses me on the forehead. I can sense the sun going down through the blinds and as it becomes darker, I fall into the darkness of my sleep. It is peaceful yet horrifying at the same time.

As the day closes and comes again, I wake up slowly as the birds are chirping and the room is starting to light up. Suddenly, I am on the floor and I notice that it is in a bedroom. The red creature is lying down next to me on my left side. As my eyes open, so do his brown animal ones and I tell him I know his name is Satan but, that he is nothing but a red imp to me. He gets up slowly and starts messing around with medicine bottles on a counter nearby.

I get up too and try to leave but, all the doors are locked. I come and ask him if he can let me go and he sets me on the cot in the doctor's room and begins giving me a clear liquid through the IV. He says I am dehydrated now. I am sick and I shouldn’t leave he says.

I sit there and let the fluids rush through me and I feel a cooling sensation, as it flows through my body with pleasure. He is continuing to clean up all the medical supplies off of the tables and checks on the IV monitor, every so often. When it is done, he silently removes it.

There is lavender all over the floor and I go to collect it. He gets upset when he sees me trying to put it in a flower vase and I ask why. He said that he hates that smell and so I remove them from his sights, fearing for the anger that may surface. 

I begin to worry about the cheerleading tryouts and he can tell so he gets visibly upset. He said he has to go somewhere and that I can't leave this place. After he goes, I get up to try and depart but, the man behind the counter won't let me. I really want to go to the tryouts so I make a plan to go.

I distract him all day by draining his energy with weird stories and antics. I deplete him by annoying him. There is a human size teddy bear on the chair, so I pretend I am the bear and stand behind it and start talking and dancing and he is busy doing paperwork and cant notice me. I slowly back away but, keep the bear close in front of a fan, so it looks as though he’s moving.

I can go out the door, because he left it open to have his smoke break. I run away easily and I go to the gym and the tryouts are happening again. There we all are and now I am wearing a performing outfit of a black bra with fishnet material over it and a black cheerleading skirt. The girls come up to me as we all made the team together and we celebrate. We get in a black jeep with the top down and we ride away on the freeway laughing and listening to pop music. The sun sets behind us.

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