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Wednesday, July 12th 2017

2:03 AM

Trying to Fly

 I am in a public bathroom stall that is painted brown. The walls are made of cement and are gray. The floor is a powder blue tile. I leave the stall and I go towards the large mirror where I wash my hands and then to my surprise Khloe Kardashian walks into the bathroom.

She is wearing a brown leather coat and her hair is in soft waves. It is dark brown with honey blonde coloring a few inches deep at the tips and around the face. She is wearing large gold hoop earrings and carrying an embellished gold chain and brown purse. It is a quilted bag with a cross body strap. It is small, about the size of a smart phone.

I see her and for some reason I get really excited and start jumping up and down. I make a noise each time I land on the ground, which sounds like fabric whipping around in the sky, like a sail on a boat. She looks at me and grabs me softly and says I better go outside so that I don't fly away. So, I leave and do this.

Outside, it is just turning night and she follows behind me. She tells me to walk up towards a cabin. We are crossing a luscious grass field that is more blue than green. It feels damp and moist. I look down and I am wearing black ankle faux leather boots. They lace us with strings all the way up my shin. I am wearing an all-black blouse and pleated skirt.

We start walking up a hill and I can see the moon and the starlight over a cabin at the top. There is a stream to my left side, which we walk by. It sounds tranquil and calming. I can hear and see many people in the distance, laughing, talking and having a good time.

We get to a group of about 100 people and she tells them that I can fly. She says for them to look at me. When they look at me, I begin to jump up and down and gradually I go higher each time until I am flapping my arms so fast that I actually do fly a little bit. It is shocking and mesmerizing.

Even after all the people leave the get together at the end of the night, I am still jumping in the air extremely high and continuing to practice this ability. I am even going so far as to jump next to the moon and stars and the sights are incredible. There are colorful clouds, shooting stars and a beautiful Earth tune, which sounds angelic and heavenly like a soft water on metal noise.

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