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Thursday, July 6th 2017

12:25 PM

Alexander the Alligator

I am living in a house by a small stream. The stream goes right by the sides of the structure, which is painted a brightened light blue. When I cross the small wooden bridge to go to my front door, I notice a baby alligator. 

He is sweet and beautiful. He is small and swims right to me and looks up at me with big beautiful baby eyes. It melts my heart. He climbs onto the bridge and me, as if he needs to be loved. So, I grab him up in my arms and bring him into the house.

He is so adorable and gets along with my two dogs, a Pekingese and Corky hybrid. He wants me to be his mother, so I name him Alexander and promise to care for his needs. He follows me everywhere in the house, like he is a dog as well. He becomes very large and obese because I over feed him for fear that he might eat the dogs. 

At night, he sleeps in a big blue container filled with water. He is always looking at me and he does whatever I want to do. He has a sweet and precious soul and a docile nature. He has love in his eyes and I can feel it throughout the dream.  

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