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Saturday, July 1st 2017

3:37 PM

A Beautiful Song

The first part of my dream I am playing a gorgeous song on a pine wood piano. I am sitting in a sheer silver gown and it is flowy and romantic. It has a silk bodice and the rest is a lacey fabric. It cuts off just above my knees and lays nicely upon the piano bench.

I focus on the keys that I am playing and the first note is a G. The rest of the keys are in harmony and I play them to compliment this key. It is a melody that interlaces and is very enchanting. It is mellow and magical.

Some of the lyrics that I am singing are," I am strong when you come to me" and "I am weak when you leave." It is a beautiful poem that I am still writing because that is my favorite part of music. It is so gorgeous that it remains strong in my brain, upon awakening.

When I get up from the piano I put on black and white athletic clothes and I am waiting in line, in a dimly lit room. It is filled with other people that want to have a job. It reminds me of a gig I had at Scream Park, a haunted house experience because they are all auditioning too. 

I leave the building and there is a large green field for soccer. I am at first with one team and then the coach, who has dark hair and light skin, instructs me to play for the other team. So, I run all the way across the long field to join them.

When I get to the other side there is a woman with short blonde hair that keeps saying cruel things to me. She insults me once, after I missed a kick and the second time when I accidently grab the ball with my hands. She misses some shots to so, I don't understand why she is picking on me.

This is where my dream ends is within this game and there is no winner or loser because it is an ongoing situation. I can recall running around the field with a free spirit and feeling alone and not like I should feel being part of a team. I did enjoy myself though.

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