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Tuesday, May 30th 2017

1:39 AM

Library Thief

I am wandering through a library, which has fluorescent lighting and low carpeted blue and brown carpeting. The shelves are low and wide upon the ground and there is a very peaceful vibe in the air, as the people lie about silently on the floors and do not speak because they are so entranced into their reading.

I sit down at a shelf, which oddly reminds me of the bookshelves from the library of my elementary school and pull out occult books to look at. One that catches my eyes is a book on tarot cards. It is a large silver book with many pictures. The pages are white and glossy.

As I put the book back, I come to realize that there are boxes of tarot cards in the same shelf. So, I pull out a white and silver box and also a green and gold one. The green and gold one looks like there are Celtic writings upon it and the silver and white one looks like there is intergalactic and winter scenes on the art.

I put the boxes in my book bag, which is a cream bag with a Macy's logo of a red star on it and I go out the front door, which is right in front of the main librarians desk and she seems to be busy. She has brown hair and thick black glasses. I never check out the cards because I just leave with them as I am in a thoughtless trance of naivety.

I am in my bedroom in my house and I am going through a shelf of a similar size when I notice the cards. Obviously, a long period of time has passed because I start to get extreme anxiety seeing these items. My stomach turns as I wonder about how much money I might owe to the library or if I had accidently stole them!

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