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Wednesday, May 24th 2017

1:04 AM

Ship On Water

It is a dark and stormy night and I am sitting on top of a dark brown wooden ship. There are many stars high above me that I am admiring. The weather is clear and a bit misty from rain but, it is a peaceful atmosphere which I am in.

I put my face high into the air and I can feel a soft breeze gently moving through my brown hair. It touches me lightly upon the cheek and swirls into the heavens in a spiral of stardust. I move my face up into the sky as the ocean waves shake and stir beneath me. The moisture touches my lips and I feel serene.

I open my eyes wide as I walk beneath a lantern, set upon a steep uprising, in the center of the ship. It rests upon a black material, which is also luminescent. It grows into a long wooden pole, with ropes swirling and spiraling up. There is a soft yellow glow upon me and I see a sparkle reflecting off the metal.

I realize that there is a slight weight upon my head and I reach up to touch a cold and metal head tiara, which lays out subtly in gold over my ears in small waves, into a crown on my face and a starred jewel upon my third eye. The jewel is a diamond and it feels like ice upon my forehead.

I look back over my right shoulder to peer at the moon. It seems full as it looms even closer than I thought was possible and an orange light melts from its center. I feel the star grow colder and I gather a dark blue caped robe dress from my ankles and lift it, to step down onto stairs and reach the lower floors.

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