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Saturday, March 11th 2017

10:56 PM

Sapphire Crystal Skull

There is a house with very tall walls and a high ceiling. Inside the space, it is varying shades of lighting. In the corners, it is dark. In the middle places, there is brightness.

There is a Native American woman at a kitchen table. The table and wood cabinets of the home are all made of lightened pine wood. She sits in the center with tarot cards, gemstones and seashells. She has long silky black hair. It is straight and reaches to her waist. She is shuffling a prism fortune teller deck, within her coffee colored hands. She has black beautiful eyes.

I sit down at the table, across from her and she begins to lay down the cards. All I see is death and I ask her to please stop. She obliges and calmly pushes a small silver meteor stone and blue sapphire crystal skull, the size of my palm, with a elongated jaw, which protrudes in an unnatural manner, from the bottom.

She puts the cards down and speaks; "The curse is lifted then..." She motions to take, as she causes me to collect the items into my hands and go.

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