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Thursday, March 9th 2017

1:01 PM

My Pet Slug


I am carrying around a clear and long plastic bag. I am in mud boots and I have on blue jeans and a white t-shirt. The sun is setting very slowly, towards the right of me, where there are muddy hills and black pine trees. Also, there is a red river, running through the sky.

Inside of the bag, there is a huge coffee colored slug. He is a big size for the type. I hold him gently, as if he belongs to me. I keep calling him Charles. I touch him with my hands and he feels like cold and damp leather.

We walk around the mud together and past a natural pool of water, where there are toads singing their songs. The water is the same deep blue as the night. It is peaceful. It is serene.

When it is time to go, I call for Charles the slug and he slowly slides into the plastic bag, which I am holding preciously, in my hands. It is like he understands me.

I can feel like I have a lot of love for this creature. There is a very strong energetic connection and the slug seems to obey all of my protective and caring commands. He has a beautiful soul.

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