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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017

11:29 AM

Cult Associations

In the beginning of the dream, I am at Stonehenge and there are a few others about, in black robes. I am too. I approach one of the persons in the black robe, in the dark and he removes his hood. It is Jeremy Garner, Unicole Unicron's husband. He is speaking in a low voice a greeting and then I notice Unicole standing there as well. They are holding each other's hands and walking in circles, near the rocks. She says something really nice to me and it makes me really happy. I think it is a beautiful greeting too.

Then, she lifts her hood off and she is in a white dress with lace everywhere. She has a veil on and it reaches to the ground and there is real red flowers falling off of it. On top of the veil, is a plain gold queen's crown and she walks off, holding hands with her husband. I lean back and disappear into another moment.

I am walking around in a house, which is furnished as someone's home. It is dimly lit, sky blue paint on the walls and too much furniture, for such a small space. I see my family is there but, they can also be anyone's family, as they are fluid. All of a sudden, I hear the doorbell ring and my family goes to the door. They are all looking at me in anticipation, as if it is about me. My younger sister, stepmom and father step aside to let in a guest.

Morgan Freeman walks in the house and he is wearing a gray suit with a blue tie. He asks me to show him around the house and I do. When we are walking, he is asking about my mother, who is homeless and other various aspects of my life. He asks me about religion and my hands start warming up, very hot.

Everywhere my hands go objects start lifting into the air and things are shaking. He notices and starts to tell me it is demons of Satan. I said that I don't believe in religions like Christianity and I am tired of people trying to force me into that cult, which is the way I was picked on by my parents, my whole life, even when I said I don't want that.

I got so overwhelmed that I ran from the house and I kept going, until I reached a place, which reminds me of a college I toured before. There is cement everywhere, I can feel the sun and I feel comfortable here. I land on top of a tall pillar, several feet in the sky. There are other pillars around this one, about six of them. As I am destressing from the previous event, I see Horus. He is tall and skinny, wearing a high blue and gold headdress, from the times.

He points up at me and says that I am one of only a few, whose soul belongs in his cult. He can feel the pain and oppression I feel from the pressure of the Christians, who harass me in ignorance and he offers me relief...

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