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Saturday, February 18th 2017

11:25 AM

Snake in the Grass

I am sitting beneath a maple tree with a blonde man that is very tall. He tells me that he is a scientologist and he has been in his position for three months. He is some sort of counselor, or something like that. I asked him how many people had his position, before him. He explained that there was someone in his position, for a few months first.

He positions himself to sit beneath the tree with me. The grass is lush and dark. It is soft, as I sit upon it. We both sit Indian style on the lawn. The sun is nice, like a spring day. All of a sudden, I notice a small orange bird come sit in the tree, on a branch and start chirping at me, as if it wants to tell me something! I giggle and laugh and it flies off. I yell at him to come back and it does, sit in the branch, closer to me, tilting it's head sideways and looking us over, as it chirps. 

We are laughing in joy, at this bird. As we laugh, we are shocked when it comes and swoops down, by our legs. Then, all of a sudden, off slithers a large green snake, away from us, as the bird bullies it to leave. We are amazed.

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