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Tuesday, February 7th 2017

12:07 PM

Corn Field Gathering

I am sitting on a wooden picnic bench, with a whitened table top. The reason that the wood is this color is because it is old and rotted from the rain. It is right next to a large field, of what appears to be corn. There is a slight breeze on the plants. I can see the yellow sun, disappearing, beneath the corn stalks.

I am sitting there with my mother, who is a large woman, with long brunette hair. She wears a dark blue windbreaker jacket. She has her boyfriend next to her, who is blonde, with greasy hair and out of focus. He wears a green windbreaker.

There is a man, sitting next to me. Who first appears to be this younger individual, with dark hair and light skin, who once tried to help me to pass a Biology class, which I dropped out of. Then, the longer I sit, he transforms into my sister, Abby. 

My mother has a blue duffel bag, which says Nike in orange-pink neon lettering on the side. It appears to be a gym bag. She opens it up and starts going through it. There are old food boxes inside with a corn dust, lightly coated on them. 

She pulls one up and hands it to me. It is a dark blue box of cereal, which looks like Cornflakes. It has president Obama on the front and there is vegetable dust, all over his face. It is a profile shot, of just him, in a grey business suit. 

I said that I would eat that one. So, she goes into the bag and hands everyone there food box, filled with expired food, yet everyone eats something at that table, in silence. 

I can feel a great spiritual presence here, which is breathtaking. There aren’t many words, only energy. The sun gets brighter, before it sets into another place. We leave when the sun goes down.


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