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Wednesday, February 1st 2017

12:46 PM

U.F.O. Falling

I am outside in a green pasture, with my husband and also, Josh Flagg from the t.v. show, Million Dollar Listing, on the Bravo channel. Josh is wearing a night blue suit and black sunglasses. My husband and I are in black pants and t-shirts.

There is a crowd of people that comes to gather by us. Across from us is a deep hollow, which comes into perspective, as it rises into a high hill. I see a lot of tangerine, coral and white colors, in their clothing.

The reason that the people are coming over, is because there is a U.F.O hovering over us and they are screaming, to try and save us; "It's going to crash!"

The U.F.O. is silver and resembles a pan flute, in design. The ribbons of material are easily seen, layered about, below the machine. The craft is hollow, like the legendary musical instrument but, there is a feeling I have, like life dwells inside of it.

It stops right above us three and then launches itself into the abyss, crashing. It is blazon and goes up, into smoke. There is a huge explosion and a fire.

The people are freaking out, while the three of us are in shock. I keep hearing in my head, "There's a foreign body, invading the atmosphere."

Then, I know that it crashed because the surrounding area of Earth, detected the metal as foreign and did not let it survive, much like how our bodies attack strange matter.

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