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Friday, January 27th 2017

5:14 PM

King and Queen of Hearts


I am walking up cement stairs, painted brown, in a building with many levels. The levels are in a stairway and I don't get out of the area, until I reach the top floor. The door opens, as I push a metal bar, in the center. I can feel the cool air creep in from the night. As the door closes, a man and a woman pop out of cardboard boxes, on the rooftop.

The men and woman look like the king and queen of hearts because, they are in the vibrant red colors, wearing crowns, dressed as the characters on a card deck and holding hearts. They are standing by pipes, which are painted brown.

The king and queen are speaking with me telepathically and the information I am receiving, is jumbled, like if you were turning a radio dial, trying to find a station, to listen to. There are many voices and frequencies...

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