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Tuesday, January 24th 2017

1:40 PM

The Summit

I'm in a house, which is exactly like mine but, the walls are painted a sea green color. There is a sky blue piano keyboard stuck to the top of the wall, above my bedroom door. I leave through this door and there is two blonde boys, about ten years old, waiting for me. They are talking about an old man that is at the summit of a mountain, right outside of my house. So, I go outside, where there is a large road, made of dirt and a wooden fence, in the shape of logs in horizontal and vertical crosses, outlining the meadow and rocky landscape.

The boys say they are going up there and I decide I will follow them in spirit. They each get on a child’s electric car and start speeding up the road. The cars are like jeeps and cream colored. I am following them in an ethereal way. It is night time now and there is a fork in the road, up the way to the mountain, which I can see, is covered with snow.

There's an elderly woman, with white long hair and a plain sea green cotton robe on. She is standing there, saying "help me" and waving her arms. She has her luggage with her and she is trying to get home. So, they stop to help her instead.

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Posted by penyewaan genset:

Nice story, I like reading your post above because very interesting.

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Wednesday, July 5th 2017 @ 11:53 PM

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